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Adding More Alcohol and Juices to Sangria

I’ve gone through what types of wine and fruit you should use, but what about other things. Simply sangria can’t be just wine and fruit? Well it can, but not usually. 293 more words


Melbourne best food and drinks: Day one!

I am literally drooling thinking of all the yummy treats and drinks we had over our four day trip. (I’m terrified to look at the scales though). 172 more words


Chorizo lollipops & sangria

A stone’s throw from the elegant Bloomsbury Square you’ll find Salvador & Amanda’s Bloomsbury branch, and a host of Holborn workers swamping the pavement outside, soaking up the last rays of a surprisingly humid spring evening – in true British fashion. 416 more words

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Sangria Blanco

This isn’t French! But was painful to see nonetheless.

Let's Talk About Fruit

A huge part of sangria is the fruit you can add. Not only is the fruit visually appealing but it adds an important aspect. And it wouldn’t be sangria without fruit, would it? 390 more words


How to Make a Bad Wine Good {Or a Great Wine Bad}

Back when I was conducting in-home wine tastings, one of my hosts said that she tended to only drink red wine. When she would drink white wine in the summer, she and her neighbor friends would put fruit in it to make it more palatable. 483 more words


Sandra Lee Joins Us On the Red Sangria Carpet

What are you drinking, Sandra Lee?

Can you blame us for asking the ‘Queen of Semi-Homemade’ this probing question when she barely seems to peel off her oven mitt before she hits the start button on the blender in preparation of a new cocktail.  286 more words

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