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Can an attorney help Leonard Peltier now ?

I was wondering if anyone may have an insight on this topic.

It is my understanding that the only person on the planet that can release Leonard Peltier is the acting President of the United States.  48 more words


Basic Form Filtering used in PHP

// Strip HTML Tags
$clear = strip_tags($des);

// Clean up things like &
$clear = html_entity_decode($clear);

// Strip out any url-encoded stuff
$clear = urldecode($clear); 51 more words


Oil and Facebook don't mix

I operate a Social Media Network dedicated to Native America.

About 4 or 5 days ago I posted a couple of pictures from a personal project of mine that I implemented. 369 more words


F$ceb00k filters?

… This is peculiar. I started a ‘Stop the Pipeline‘ campaign and promoted it over three different Social Media Networks. Suddenly my image viewer stats plummeted from an average of 400 000 views to an average of 19 000 views in my… 149 more words