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JoAnn's Purell® Mini Cart Wipe

I don’t think the cart wipes themselves are smaller, but the cart wipe station itself is. The fixtures is still a substantial, quality crafted item that offers… 382 more words

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Purell® Catch Tray Built-in

Many retails have added the door- and comfort-room amenity of wipes and hand sanitizer, an addition my wife Margarit and I both applaud as OCPD… 262 more words

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Purell® Brand Cashwrap Sanitizer

Here is a store that takes it’s “Employees Must Washup” directives seriously. It even provides Purell® hand sanitizer in the cockpit of the cashwrap. If I were Purell (or a competitor) I would provide cleansing stations like this free of charge to chains. 330 more words

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Messy Bessy: The Earth-loving Lifestyle

Nowadays, being a green thumb is in. A few years ago, the voices of people who were eco-conscious were quite limited. Today it is quite different. 474 more words


Throw 'N Go Wipe Station

No misunderstanding of where to throw your hand or cart wipe here. This station comes equipped to offer a standard office wastebasket as a receptacle… 258 more words

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Wipe Dispenser + Disposer

Cart wipes as a customer courtesy grow in use annually. But fixturing the offer ranges from a single off-the-retail-shelf canister, to auto-feed multi-canister racks, to… 236 more words

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When Ordinary Sanitizer Fails

Many retailers offer complimentary hand sanitizer to patrons. Many others offer cart wipes at the door to clean cart handles. Here, where carts are infrequent but hands even dirtier, a hardware and lumber retailer offers Pro Gone® hand wipes … because consumer grade is not enough for hard working stiffs… 196 more words

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