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Inconvenient Truths of a Silent Spring

In our series on female leaders on the environment, we look today at Rachel Carson who ironically died from complications of breast cancer two years after the publication of her landmark book on a well known carcinogen. 420 more words


Address and Thread Sanitizers in GCC


Since their 4.8 version, the C and C++ compilers of the GNU Compiler Collection are equipped with built-in memory and data race errors detectors named Address Sanitizer and Thread Sanitizer. 524 more words

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Restroom Hand Wash Regulation

Gary Larson’s Far Side humor is used here to reinforce that you really, really should wash your hands after a visit to tyne restroom, particularly in an eating establishment… 509 more words

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SANITIZERS: why you still need them

Even with the adverts of Dettol everyday on our screens, some of us have refused to stick to the habit of washing our hands frequently but with the advent of Ebola (no thanks to Mr. 839 more words


Purell® Branded Wipes Station

If I were the Purell® Liquid Hand Sanitizer Product Manager, I wouldn’t want to lose ground to sanitizing wipes. I’d put Purell® on a wipe and offer it free but Branded at store enties so all knew who the “big dog” in sanitizing was and is. 358 more words

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Cart Sanitizing Imperative

Cart wipes and hand sanitizers have moved beyond causual amenities, particularly iff judged by the size of this Cart Wipe offering sign. At first thought their use might seem mildly paranoid and psychotic. 211 more words

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IKEA® Cart Wipe For The Masses

Everyone appreciates a cart wipe, or at least the opportunity to get one if needed. Many store entrances feature consumer size wipe packages as the method of distribution. 428 more words

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