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Sankalpa, or intention, is what differentiates yoga from all other forms of exercise. Created at the beginning of practice in the form of a clear and concise statement that focuses on a chosen goal, Sankalpa is a powerful yogic tool for bringing about positive transformation in our lives.  129 more words



“We cast into the depths of the sea
Our sins, and failures, and regrets.
Reflections of our imperfect selves
Flow away.
What can we bear, 518 more words


What shapes your life- drama or Dharma?

As the change of seasons continues  I find myself contemplating the wonders of nature.  So much can be learned by spending time in nature and really seeing what is happening.   594 more words

dIkSA: Day 21: sankalpa is more blinding than kAma

If demand is desire backed by purchasing power,  then sankalpa is kAma backed by will power.

Desire distorts reality. It makes us see things as we wish to. 141 more words

Ancient Indians

Days End

to make a life of

writing; to sit for hours:

undaunted sun sets