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Born A Hindu - Be A HIndu

Gifted to have been born as Hindus, let us all take the sankalpa at this moment “We have been Born as Hindus: Let us Live as Hindus”


Philosophy corner three: Why do you practice yoga?

So this blog was started by an innocent question from a friend of mine. He casually asked one day: ‘Why do you practice yoga’?

On the surface it was easy for me to list the obvious things; I think it’s good for my body, it helps me feel calm and centred, its nice for me to be part of a wonderful community. 638 more words

I Am Not a Machine!

Actually, I am a machine. Did I just out myself? Don’t worry, you’re all machines too. So we’re in good company.

What does it mean to be a machine? 1,675 more words