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Born A Hindu - Be A HIndu

Gifted to have been born as Hindus, let us all take the sankalpa at this moment “We have been Born as Hindus: Let us Live as Hindus”


Philosophy corner three: Why do you practice yoga?

So this blog was started by an innocent question from a friend of mine. He casually asked one day: ‘Why do you practice yoga’?

On the surface it was easy for me to list the obvious things; I think it’s good for my body, it helps me feel calm and centred, its nice for me to be part of a wonderful community. 638 more words

I Am Not a Machine!

Actually, I am a machine. Did I just out myself? Don’t worry, you’re all machines too. So we’re in good company.

What does it mean to be a machine? 1,675 more words



Sankalpa, or intention, is what differentiates yoga from all other forms of exercise. Created at the beginning of practice in the form of a clear and concise statement that focuses on a chosen goal, Sankalpa is a powerful yogic tool for bringing about positive transformation in our lives.  130 more words



“We cast into the depths of the sea
Our sins, and failures, and regrets.
Reflections of our imperfect selves
Flow away.
What can we bear, 518 more words


What shapes your life- drama or Dharma?

As the change of seasons continues  I find myself contemplating the wonders of nature.  So much can be learned by spending time in nature and really seeing what is happening.   594 more words