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Colnago the Phoenix

I somehow seem to have missed taking a full wide shot of this bike. It is a Colnago, yes. Vintage? Unknown. However, I can tell you that it is indeed a rescue. It was, I am told, left outside in a yard for years. The sun bleached the side of the frame facing up. Despite all the neglect, the frame remained straight. It was rescued and alive again by a fellow named Sean who works at one of the other bike shops in town. I have to say that it turned out quite nice. It has a well-established patina and I am sure it rides nicely. It is quite remarkable how a once grand bike can be set out to pasture (literally) and the waste away to a hunk of steel, only to be resurrected years later. That’s why bikes hold my interest more than cars. They can be made well again and get somebody rolling for cheap. They are beautiful and virtually indestructible.


Katy Perry Still On The Way Of Celebrations

The “I Kissed a Girl” babe Katy Perry who is enjoying her down time touring around Canada’s gorgeous city of Toronto earlier this week.
The actress has donned a baseball cap, yoga pants, and a zip-up hoodie. 51 more words


Just like a Thanksgiving Turkey

In the last few weeks, things are getting bigger and busier on all accounts. Momentum is building and major kicks are happening. It’s exciting and weird and confusing all at the same time. 1,029 more words

California Car Tales - Part Two

Santa Barbara, Cambria, Big Sur & Monterey

So when we left off, we had stopped for the night just outside Santa Barbara, where we spent a nice evening at a very comfortable motel. 1,446 more words

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California Road Trip - Santa Barbara

The first thing I did when I got settled in to Santa Barbara was Google, “local crime in Santa Barbara.” The place felt peaceful and perfect which left me uneasy. 210 more words


Trail Quest: Orpet and Franceschi Parks

There are two parks on the Riviera named for noted horticulturists who both have literally changed the landscape of Santa Barbara. A fun urban hike can be crafted to connect these two parks along a route that makes use of several “hidden” stairways. 70 more words

Front Country Trails

25 N Alisos St SANTA BARBARA, CA 93103

Charming 2 bed/1bath home with large lot, ideal for entertaining or additional unit. Perfect home for first time buyers or investors!

Contact Steve for more information! 37 more words