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Christmassy In July!

Hey y’all! “This Christmas Party” is all about CHRISTMAS! This blog is dedicated to all the people around the world who love Christmas for one reason or the other. 151 more words


Thoughts on having fun while writing

I have been thinking recently about William Goldman, and when and why writing is fun.

I developed an obsession with The Princess Bride ( 580 more words


On Truth

Did you know that every single moment of every day and in every event that there is a truth to be revealed within our lives? Our lives are rich with possibilities for more profound understandings. 318 more words

Underhanded Tricks My Mom Used...and I Will, Too

My mother is the best mother there is. It’s a fact, so don’t argue with me.

But don’t be fooled by that goofy sense of humor and sweet disposition, for it hides an evil genius.  663 more words


To answer the question in the headline–money exists as much as anything else that is completely made up out of nothing…

Indeed, check out the above video from Time Magazine’s website.  1,315 more words

Debt Slavery


This is a story written by me, C.L. GLENN. It’s on the lines of what I wish I had told my kids when they were growing up and began to question Santa Claus’ existence. 8,180 more words

Santa Claus