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So, I have a little secret.  I’m going to be transparent for just a second..

I HATE participating in Santa, Easter Bunny, Tooth Fairy and any other made up holiday character.   544 more words

"The Talk"

Growing up is a messy business. Growing as a parent, more of the same.

Anna, my 8-year-old, wrote a letter to the Easter Bunny asking if the fur was real or if he wore a costume.   266 more words


The Lappish Encounter: Arrival in Northern Finland

Helsinki-Vantaa Airport

It has been almost half a year since my last post, prior to my trip to Finland, most of the time was spent ensuring I had sufficient resources for the trip, and starting preparing stuff like clothes, camera equipment, money, etc. 838 more words


Do you "do" the Easter Bunny hop?

Do you do the Easter Bunny hop? or the Santa Claus shuffle? or the Tooth Fairy tango? or any other seasonal sashaying?

If I tell a story about an egg-carrying rabbit AS IF IT WERE REAL then am I hitting my sweet spot as a parent? 558 more words

Child Rearing

Nobody Loves You, Re-seller

Today, we bring you a SPECIAL REPORT, from what is being hailed as “Connecticut’s Largest Yardsale”! When I saw the sign, I just had to go. 1,063 more words



Detroit Free Press: “The two sources, who spoke on condition of anonymity because they weren’t authorized to disclose the information, confirmed that there have been talks about the federal government supporting a move by the state to give Detroit $100 million in federal money for blight remediation. 213 more words


Acceptable Lies We Tell Our Children

I fully realize this topic may be considered trite.  But I’m jumping in anyway.  How did we as a culture accept something as disconcerting as a giant-egg-hiding-rabbit known as the Easter Bunny?  412 more words