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Enlighten Me

Put a match to my heart–
strike me.
Put a pen to your hand–
write me.
Put a finger to my trigger–
fight me.
Put a sword to my shoulder–
knight me.


The Peephole

Still smokey,
no more flames.

Hold the door open–
don’t forget names.

Some write about winter–
how it’s so cold.
Others write about people–
from birth to old. 44 more words



Invited to the sun,
then shun.
Back turned,
slowly burned.


Blank Canvas

What are your intentions with me?
What is it you want from me?
You want to use me as your art,
put me within your own hands? 85 more words


VIP Sex Ring - in Guerneville? the Russian River?

Warren Buffet should know.

I worship the 1% cause I work in the restaurant bus.  Did you hear Warren is investing in the Restaurant Buss? 50 more words

Bohemian Grove


You don’t have to love me–
you can hate me.
But just be kind to me–
blindly kind.

I’m trying to use
communication… 52 more words



Time has proven that everything
changes, so why is it so hard
for people to change? The trees

don’t mind getting taller, lifting
cement with roots stronger than… 46 more words