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"Bigfoot And Santa Get Trashed In Vegas" by Raven Blackbird

Having decided to embark upon this noble course of discovering the secret treasures nestled amongst the hordes of self-published fantasy and sci-fi books in the Kindle store, I had a general idea of what to expect. 954 more words


Something About Heaven

Something About Heaven


Lew Trigg

            I write about this subject with the utmost amazement at the great numbers of people that are believers.  I can only assume that you know what I mean by “believers” considering the title of this rambling dissertation.   1,957 more words

Belief in...Everything?!

My husband was recently in a conversation with a co-worker, and it somehow came up that her 3 boys, aged between 11-15 still believe in the Easter Bunny. 411 more words

Fixed in the "truth"...

If we were truly aware and conscious we could perceive that we are never the same, thus even though there is a “me,” in another reality there is “none” that “I” could call “me.” 591 more words


A bit of the magic is gone

My oldest daughter figured out the Easter Bunny wasn’t real this Easter. We put their initials on the girls’ eggs using stickers and my daughter spotted one of those stickers stuck accidentally to my wife’s shirt. 499 more words