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The hard part of parenting, in a poem.

There are a lot of hard moments in parenting. Here is a poem about one of them that I had this weekend.

The Easter Balance… 263 more words

Spiritual Poems

The truth comes out.

My kids have known the truth about the Tooth Fairy for a year or two. I was a terrible tooth fairy. Jeffrey does not want, in his words, “some creepy winged girl lurking around his room and touching his bed” so he would leave his tooth on the kitchen table. 420 more words

Santa, Lies, and Frosty

You may recall in March, I wrote about the Casualties of Winter. Well, I recently discovered Santa and Frosty faked their deaths. Perhaps for the insurance money or maybe it was so they could leave their wives and live a life of debauchery in the corner of my patio. 43 more words

The Christmas Wishing Gift

by JavaQueen2000


This is a Christmas story for the child in us all.

             We turn into the parking lot and search for a space. My mommy is upset already. 2,030 more words


Is that a snowman?

I love the fact that on hearing a neighbour’s wind chime my son excitedly asks whether it’s a snowman when I said no he then quickly asked whether it was Santa instead. 40 more words


Happy Easter!

Ike and I would like to wish everyone a very Happy Easter!  We are taking the day off and spending the day with family.  I should have known that after the Santa Hat debacle from Christmas, that Ike would not be a willing bunny ear wearing horse.  75 more words

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