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Santiago de Chile, part 4: From Paris & Londres to University.

A little early-morning blogging while Nurse Moody is asleep.

I am recovering pretty well from recent traumatic events. On the plus side, my brain is functioning at nearly full capacity now and I have managed to get quite a lot of work done over the weekend, which I really needed to, as there is a huge, massive work deadline coming up. 408 more words


At Least He Didn't Wee on The Floor!

Tuesday 16th April 2014

Despite having only got three hours sleep, getting up at 6:45 and failing to secure any more World Cup Tickets I wasn’t feeling too bad. 1,575 more words


Bit of a toughie

Santa Semana as this week is known over here has been pretty hard for me. Work is still a bitch and with my recent personal news it’s the last place I want to be. 633 more words


Latin America Regionals

April 20th 2014

Its official, our team is headed to Santiago, Chile to compete in Crossfit Regionals. What is exciting about regionals in our region is the opportunity to travel to different countries every year. 488 more words


Not long now..

Not long before I throw on my backpack and travel back to Spain. May 28th to be precise. You should see my phone..it has a countdown on it showing how many days I have left. 561 more words


A brave new world – Santiago and Easter Island

I was 2 days off being able to say that I ate Easter eggs on Easter Island during Easter weekend. However, in the end it wasn’t worth disrupting travel plans for that little bit of wordplay. 889 more words