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Delicate Days with the Oldies

The posts have been lacking recently, because other than the obvious – being in Bali – we haven’t been up to anything much more than relaxing. 509 more words


Remembrance of Things Past: Two Strokes For Different Folks at the Man Shed

Man Shed, Sanur

It’s amazing what you find when you’re not really looking

Sanur is like a Mediterranean holiday resort. The water is certainly cleaner and more inviting than the tourist strips of the west coast, with a calming offshore breakwater. 516 more words


Visions of Bali, Indonesia

Bali is one of the many islands forming the Indonesian archipelago. A visit there is worth a thousand words and it left me with a desire to discover more of the island and learn more about its people and history. 235 more words


5 Meals in Bali

I recently visited my friend Heather in Bali, and it was wonderful. I ate a lot of delightful, delicious food and washed it down with the local Indonesian beer, Bintang. 548 more words

Let's Order

Balinese Bliss

Being one of the most popular, exotic vacation destinations in the world, I was interested and excited to experience what this island had to offer and see how it compared to all the other places I’ve been to so far. 580 more words


Let’s Get Lost at Bali (again)

Sebenernya ini perginya udah lama banget. Udah sekitar 1,5 tahun yang lalu, tapi baru sempet dituangkan dalam tulisan.

Perjalanan ke Bali kali ini dilakukan berlima (seharusnya) pada akhir tahun 2012. 1,518 more words

Koper Dan Ransel = Jalan-jalaaan!!

4 Days in Bali with the lovely Meisha Holliday!

In the lead up to this trip I was beginning to get complacent about my time in Hong Kong. I had a really rough week at work and I was feeling very far away from my friends and family back in the UK, so Bali was a long overdue break from the constant hum of Hong Kong life. 718 more words