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A hectic few weeks and suddenly everything has changed. We’re no longer wanderers. We’re settlers with a couple of acres of overgrown land, a sound (we think) cottage in need of serious renovation, three milk sheds and various tumbledown outbuildings bodged together from corrugated iron, random bits of wood, old doors, salvaged windows, nails, string and sackcloth. 273 more words

Reading things: some book recommendations

One of the great joys of waving goodbye to my old life and setting out on a great adventure in a camper van has been that I’ve had lots of time to read. 586 more words

A conversation with S.P. Moss

Flying and travel are in S.P. Moss’s blood – she visited four of the world’s continents before starting school. She read avidly and wrote determinedly in between plotting to become a spy and building brother-proof camps. 2,339 more words

In which I go orchid hunting

Orchid hunting sounds tame. But it’s not. William John Swainson brought tropical orchids to Europe from Brazil in 1818. Soon, the weird architecture of these colourful, fleshy plants inspired a craze: orchid fever. 349 more words

Bone Jack by Sara Crowe

Ash’s dad has just returned from war, close to breakdown, far from the war hero Ash was expecting. Ash is going to be the stag boy in the annual Stag Chase. 130 more words