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Boys of Abu Ghraib - Official Trailer

From the Producers of “Blood Diamond” and “The Last Samurai,” this dramatic war thriller follows soldier Jack Farmer (Luke Moran) from small town America to Iraq’s most infamous prison, Abu Ghraib, where he’s tasked with guarding the Army’s highest priority detainees. 43 more words


"Cheap Thrills" explores the depravity of self-interest with a great cast

The theme of “Cheap Thrills” is simple. It’s amazing what depravity humans will sink to just to make ends meet.

This is an uncomplicated theme for an uncomplicated movie. 397 more words


Cheap Thrills (2014) Review


E.L. Katz


David Chirchirillo, Trent Haaga


Pat Healy, Ethan Embry, Sara Paxton, David Koechner

Cheap Thrills, a dark comedy which examines a struggle between patriarchal and hedonistic males. 465 more words




Cheap Thrills (2014) is a black comedy about an about-to-be-evicted guy and his old high school buddy he hasn’t seen in a long time that get involved in a series of bets for money. 61 more words

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Drafthouse Founder Tim League Is Literally Peeing His Pants So You'll See 'Cheap Thrills'

Cheap Thrills is a film starring Pat Healy and David Koechner about one rich guy making two poor guys do increasingly degrading stunts for money, which is more or less every job I’ve ever had. 263 more words

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Interview: Cheap Thrills' Pat Healy

You know Pat Healy, right? Well, if you don’t, that means you probably haven’t seen “The Great World of Sound,” “The Innkeepers,” or “Compliance,” and that also means you have quite a bit of movie watching to do. 187 more words


Cheap Thrills: A Most Dangerous Game

Cheap Thrills is the story of a down on his luck man who is drawn into a night of insanity. Pleasant it ain’t but it has an organic nastiness that doesn’t feel forced. 530 more words

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