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Chapter Thirteen: Part Five

I hesitate for only the briefest moment before lifting the heavy latch and pushing the door open. I step back and Caden enters first. I follow reluctantly, shutting the door firmly behind me. 430 more words

Chapter Thirteen: Part Four

I sigh and close my eyes for a moment, collecting myself. Then I open them and look to Dormer and Massers.

“Massers, give those four names to Dormer. 428 more words

Chapter Thirteen: Part Three

“Massers!” I bark. He’s at my side in a split second, awaiting my command.

“How many guards were involved with the massacre?” I ask, searching the crowd for guilty faces. 403 more words

Chapter Thirteen: Part Two

No one moves. The guards all shift around a bit, glancing at each other. The council member looks around incredulously, angry.

“What are you doing? I said arrest him!” The man exclaims angrily. 458 more words

Chapter Thirteen: Part One

Sara the Fallen

Part Four

Chapter Thirteen


They kneel and I’m so overwhelmed that I can hardly breathe. But I mustn’t show them how much their acceptance truly affects me, how close to tears I am at my victory and their subsequent positive reaction. 409 more words

Chapter Twelve: Part Sixteen

But it’s too late. Ayers takes advantage of that single second of distraction and he charges and thrusts. Sarsur doesn’t get his sword up in time. 454 more words

Chapter Twelve: Part Fifteen

“Ayers! Don’t you dare!” Caden suddenly roars. My eyes fly open and my eyes lock with his. “You are the crowned prince! The true heir! 391 more words