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Chapter Thirteen: Part Twenty-Two

“Say goodbye, Kails.” Mione says, standing and handing her over to the nannies before she has a chance to protest. Kails immediately starts kicking and screaming, reaching desperately for me and Sara. 442 more words

Chapter Thirteen: Part Twenty-One

“Mama?” Kails cries out, frightened. Without thinking I immediately go to the bed and hold my arms out for Kails who hesitates for only a moment before reaching for me as well. 442 more words

Chapter Thirteen: Part Twenty

The trip to Mione’s home is quick and quiet. Ayers and I are sharing the carriage with the two nannies and don’t feel comfortable speaking with them around so we both remain silent. 344 more words

Chapter Thirteen: Part Nineteen

“Solees, why didn’t you tell me?” I hear her murmur, hurt in her voice. I hear Ayers sigh and I glance back to find his hand up holding Minit’s hand to his face before quickly looking away again. 446 more words

Chapter Thirteen: Part Eighteen

“Oh, I forgot. Sara has a daughter, Kails. She’s with my spellcaster Mione right now. I’m going to need a couple nannies to watch over her while we’re away, since we can’t possibly travel fast if we carry a child with us.” Ayers says to the surprised group. 419 more words

Chapter Thirteen: Part Seventeen

“Does everyone understand what I’m asking of you?” Ayers asks, voice taking on a more serious tone. Everyone except Zenera gives Ayers a nod, Minit even smiles at him. 429 more words

Chapter Thirteen: Part Sixteen

Vessels!” he spits the word like a curse, backing away from the table.

“Dammit, Zenera, sit down and stay down!” Ayers yells, standing as well, planting his hands on the table. 466 more words