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What Makes Hamlet Legitimate?

With the many versions of Hamlet, scholars could easily argue which version is edited as Shakespeare intended. Instead, I would argue that all versions of… 858 more words

Paris 1900 at the Grand Palais

There is talk of a recent trend concerning Paris and its Chinese tourists, whose relation may become rocky. Travelling to the capital city with an ideal image of the City of Love in their minds (with Hollywood films and perfume adverts as the first culprits), they are often disillusioned and upset by the gritty reality that they faces upon arrival. 1,909 more words

Exhibition Review

Sarah Bernhardt, Sculptor

At the “Paris 1900″ exhibit this past spring, I was not surprised to see theatrical posters featuring the famous actress Sarah Bernhardt, “The Divine Sarah.”  She was a celebrated–and often notorious–figure of the Belle Epoque. 158 more words


Julia's Fallen Women: Ophelia

An awareness of the precariousness of life – its vicissitudes, accidents, the omnipresent risk of death by disease; the risk to capital, the fear of the workhouse, the debtors prison, bankruptcy – permeated Victorian society, which, while ‘modern’ in many respects, in other respects (healthcare, surgery, social security, male-dominated legal system, women’s franchise) it was mediaeval. 877 more words

Quotable Women ~ August 7th

Life begets life. Energy creates energy. It is by spending oneself that one becomes rich.”

- Sarah Bernhardt (1844-1923), French Actress


Telling Our Own Shadow Stories

“I think it’s impossible to be a writer and not draw from your own life…I see shadows all of the time in my work—things from my life.” 235 more words