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Thursday in Holy Week

Is not this, then, why Jesus give us some very specific things to do in order to “re-member” our dark past into his future of love, to re-educate even the flesh beyond the distortions of competition and conquest?

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Holy Week

Wednesday in Holy Week

If betrayal is so deep a part of human sin, and so profoundly entangled also with the story of love and salvation, then it cannot actually be betrayal per se that must be repressed or obliterated in the Passion.

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Holy Week

Tuesday in Holy Week

We now stand in this lush fragrance of the ointment that reminds us again of the original vineyard of love: we step forward hesitantly, wondering what it will mean.

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Holy Week

Love's Reflexive Touch

Cat Horace spent some time on the window sill tonight. It is that warm and that fragrant. More rain and colder tomorrow. In this brief prolepsis, I begin to reread Simon Jarvis, Wordsworth’s Philosophic Song. 66 more words

Monday in Holy Week

Think of this entry into Holy Week, then, as an invitation: perhaps not to a mere drama after all, but to a Passion to end all dramas; not to a story of justice and deserts, but to a story of divine love so exquisite as to exceed and upturn all justice as we know it; not to a theological conundrum to be solved, but to a dangerous and life-threatening journey: a journey of pain, death, discovery and new Life.

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Holy Week

On Sarah Coakley and Belle Knox: Pornography, Piety, and People

In thinking about what to blog about, there are times when I just feel utterly compelled to write something—based on something I’ve read, an experience I’ve had, etc…—and then there are other times where I have to push myself a bit more, to really be disciplined and think through what I want to reflect on and process through (in a public forum). 4,096 more words

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All Things showing their Desire to Be

Overcast March afternoon. Forecast for snow in the North country, a dusting here on the Seacoast. The long moan of a container ship moving slowly up the Piscataqua. 46 more words