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Sarah Palin speech raises money for Clinton super PAC

At the Iowa Freedom Summit over the weekend, Republican Sarah Palin displayed a “Ready for Hillary” magnet to exhort the crowd to oppose likely Democratic presidential contender¬†Hillary Rodham Clinton. 143 more words


Palin now 'seriously' considering a WH run

Sarah Palin has gone from “considering” a campaign for the presidency to “seriously considering” it in 2016.

Oh, boy. This is getting fun.


Palin dinged Fox News’s Bill O’Reilly for having the temerity to refer to a possible Palin campaign as a “reality show.” She went after who she calls “quasi-conservatives,” who, I guess, aren’t like her, which I suppose is a “true conservative.” 179 more words

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Sarah Palin sticks up for Scientologists! (Credit goes to The Examiner)

Thursday’s War Room publication of The Church of Scientology‘s friends in Washington is drawing no shortage of public attention to the growing lobby the Church of Scientology now boasts. 393 more words

Governor Palin Speaks at the Iowa Freedom Summit

Kudos to Representative Steve King for organizing the Freedom Summit, though he did botch her introduction with factual errors. But he did a great job organizing the event. 6 more words

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Sarah Palin Hires Track Coach to Prepare for Presidential Run

Presidential Training

WASILLA, Alaska–Maverick former Alaska governor Sarah Palin, a one-time Republican vice-presidential nominee, has announced plans to take on a run at the presidency and hired University of Alaska cross country coach Michael Friess to help her prepare. 235 more words


Should the state kill you for being an atheist?

In seven countries, there‚Äôs a belief to do with religion that can land you in jail, or get you killed. It’s not that you belong to a different religion to the rest of your country, or even a minority group within a religion (such as Ahmadi Muslims in Pakistan). 377 more words