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Sarah Palin’s 'Newsy Channel' a Flop in Australia

WHEN it comes to dissecting and understanding serious world events and an issue as complicated as Gaza, Sarah Palin’s got it covered. Apparently.

And to help the rest of us get a grip on the situation Ms Palin has kindly released a nine-minute ramble on the truth about the war in Israel.

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Sarah Palin

TeaBaggers Picked The Name!!!

OMAHA, NE – Nowadays Conservatives, Republicans and even overly sensitive Progressive elite types will get offensive  over the words TeaBag, Teabagger, and TeaBaggery, but lets get real!  385 more words


Someone should tell Palin about Wordpress

I read the other day where Sarah Palin is starting her own news agency, online.  On Sunday, the sarahpalinchannel.com aired and for a nominal fee of only $9.95 a month, you too can get the benefits of the pearly tidbits coming out of her mouth; $99.95 a year of course and obviously, service men and women can subscribe for free.



Denver, Colorado (Exclusive to The Adobo Chronicles) - Many people know about Sarah Palin’s recent speech in Denver, ranting for more than 30 minutes about impeaching President Barack Obama.   310 more words


Wildin’ Out Wednesday: Sarah Palin TV And VP Dap? [VIDEO]

Roland Martin and the this week’s “NewsOne Now” comedians break out the jokes for this week’s edition of “Wildin’ Out Wednesday.” This week Martin, Niki Moore… 110 more words

Roland Martin