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Is It A Purse?

So my friend Elizabeth got me this awesome purse from High Gloss in Uptown…

So I say it is a purse…Because I can put all of my stuff in it, it goes over my shoulder…it fits all the qualities.  132 more words


Sarah Pepper's Picture With Prince Royce Has Been Meme'd

So yeah I have lazy eye and PK pointed it out this am and I told him yesterday my Twitter @sarahhot957 got hit up with meme’s and I have to say…they gave me a huge laugh :) 66 more words


[Video] Ellen Raps For Kanye West

Kanye West was on “Ellen” yesterday and got choked up over Ellen’s rap and said it was the “nicest” thing someone has done for him. 59 more words


Best Excuses For Being Late!

Career Builder. put together a random list of reasons you are late for work…and I mean Random but they are actual excuses.

1.  “I knocked myself out in the shower.” 179 more words