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A Simple Formula For What You SHOULD Be Doing With Your Life!

Maybe you don’t know what you should be doing with your life.  But you know what you’re doing right now ain’t it . . . right? 271 more words


These Foods Will Actually Make You Hungrier

1. White bread.


It makes your insulin levels go up and that can make your body THINK it needs more sugar.

2. Fruit juice. 151 more words


Whatcha Doin at the Courthouse - 07/29/14

It’s everyone’s favorite segment! Sarah Pepper is in downtown Houston asking, “Whatcha Doin’ At The Courthouse?”

If you missed it at 7:50 or 9:50…hear it now. 97 more words


If You Did This On The First Date Don't Expect A Second!

A new survey asked what is the rudest thing someone can do on a first date that would make you NOT go on a second date: 62 more words


Would You Date Your Exes Friends?

“Twilight” star Nikki Reed dating “Vampire Diaries” star Ian Somerhalder.

Before that he  was dating co-star Nina Dobrev, who was at close to Nikki. 184 more words


Is She Too Sexy To Play Volleyball?

She is a player for Kazakhstan and her name is Sabina Altynbekova.  She is 17-years-old and apparently too hot to play. Why? Because it is distracting. 104 more words