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Day 2 - Go

Go (1999) was Doug Liman’s directorial follow-up to Swingers, one of my favorite films of all time. It stars Sarah Polley, Katie Holmes, Jay Mohr, Taye Diggs, Scott Wolfe, Timothy Olyphant, and basically any other young up-and-coming star that 90s Hollywood had to offer. 513 more words


Take This Waltz (2011)

Directed By – Sarah Polley

Screenplay By – Sarah Polley

Cinematography By – Luc Montpellier

Starring Michelle Williams, Seth Rogen & Luke Kirby

116 min. 221 more words

3 things about Sarah Polley's STORIES WE TELL

Stories We Tell

1. Talking on the phone, making a stop sign with her hand.
2. He explains why taking out the garbage makes him feel like he’s not in control. 16 more words

Take This Waltz (2011)

“Is that that Seth Rogen guy? What’s he doing?”

“I think he’s… acting.”

“Acting? You mean actually giving a performance without using immature fart or stoner humor as a crutch to compensate for an apparent lack of talent? 370 more words

Take This Waltz

Within the first ten minutes of this movie, I sighed to myself. Is Take This Waltz another Blue Valentine (sad but good) or Revolutionary Road… 780 more words



PLOT (spoiler alert!!!):

The story takes place involving three different people who all work together in the same supermarket over the 24 hour period leading up to Christmas. 1,848 more words

Movie Reviews

Three shot review - The Sweet Hereafter (1997)

WARNING: Spoilers ahead. If you have any interest in watching this, don’t read on.

In one of the climactic scenes of The Sweet Hereafter, a teenage girl, dressed only in a thin sweater over her dress, gets out of a car. 1,504 more words