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Stories We Tell

In all of its genuine messiness, its insistence on a multi-stranded narrative, its capricious flaunting and taunting of truth, Stories We Tell finally does what I have been wanting to see in cinema for years. 528 more words

Simon Bossell

“If there is one thing I have learned, it’s to embrace the mess of life. None of us knows what our stories truly are.” – Sarah Polley, who directed Take This Waltz


“The guy ..was a ..gun nut. I asked, ‘Is the safety on when it’s to the right or off?’ ..He said, ‘The way I like to remember it is right is safe, like the government.’ And I’m thinking, ‘I’m in a room with my worst nightmare. 13 more words


“I’m really comfortable in sadness so I don’t get depressed. ..I actually find it invigorating.” – Sarah Polley, director of Take This Waltz


When you can't find Memory Lane

Sometimes customers apologize as they get into the taxi and tell me their destination, thinking the fare’s too short. I always respond:

“No problem, a short fare is also a fare!” or I say: “No fare is too short!”

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Happy Birthday, Sarah Polley!

In Sarah Polley’s films, I have encountered something that I have never found in another filmmaker- the ability to convey heart wrenching emotion and make me cry every time (literally, every time), but not out of emotional manipulation or throwing in ‘cheap’ moments.

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