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José & Pilar - a documentary about a Nobel-laureate and his wife

Movie of the month – October 2014

“If I had died at 63 years old, before I meet you, I would have died much older than when my time arrives” 509 more words


Nemesis, Philip Roth

A polio epidemic spreads along the town of Newark. The name of Camus and his book The Plague come unavoidable to mind, but Roth drives his story towards different areas. 390 more words



What is terror? Is it that flash of white phosphorescent light that started in the innards and exploded soundlessly? First, a seizure quickened the pulse and the muscles of the heart, and then it dried the mouth, propelling every sinew, every nerve of the four limbs into a rush of running. 492 more words


'Home' project showing as part of Document Film Festival 2014

I’m honoured to have been asked to display work from my recent ‘Home’ project as part of the upcoming Document Film Festival, the international human rights documentary film festival which is running in Glasgow for its 12th year, and based at the CCA (Centre for Contemporary Arts) in Glasgow.  202 more words

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Cinetrofa: vamos ler uns filmes?

Arranca hoje aquela que é, a meu ver, a iniciativa cultural mais interessante do mandato da coligação Unidos pela Trofa. O Cinetrofa – Festival Internacional de Cinema e Literatura da Trofa… 892 more words


"Concision is not a definitive virtue."

Our Daily Prompt yesterday used a quote by French philosopher Blaise Pascal, one in which he pointed out (only half-jokingly) how much hard work is required to stay concise. 136 more words


The "martyrs of our own way" and the gift of sight in Saramago's Baltasar and Blimunda

To do and to speak is not enough. First off, you have to see.

“I swear I shall never look into your soul,” Blimunda promises Baltasar as her eyes turn to grey (47). 1,201 more words