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Caníbal Is Eerily Captivating

The inaugural shot of Caníbal is suggestive of what is to follow. The frame is a long shot of a couple filling up at a gas station. 640 more words

Sarasota Film Festival

Audio: Lawrence Michael Levine Talks Wild Canaries

With its inspiration in old Hollywood despite a contemporary setting,  Wild Canaries this year treated Sarasota Film Festival goers with a treat of a caper and love story. 29 more words

Audio: Tall, Evil and Hand-Drawn by Wally Chung

Without question, the animated world is becoming a glossy, 3-D-rendred universe. But Wally Chung likes his drawings unrefined, two-dimensional and a bit sloppy, which makes his short film… 47 more words

Sarasota Film Festival

Audio: Michael Tully, Ping Pong Superstar

Before Sarasota was done with Michael Tully this year, he had two awards to bring home for his film Ping Pong Summer. Not a bad follow-up, since the festival also introduced him to his… 36 more words