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Relocating? What Are Your "Must Haves in a New Home?"

When considering the next home you will live in, perhaps spend the rest of your life in, what are the “must haves?” You have probably lived in several if not many homes during your life as a renter or homeowner and there were probably items from each house that you wanted in your next house. 617 more words

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    First day in Florida and I’m already having a blast! Here’s a few photos of my adventures! Enjoy!

It started with a 7:00am flight…early, but beautiful views: 187 more words


Beat the Heat!

Here in The Sunshine State the sun can beat down on you with extreme ferocity. Most cases of harm from the sun are uncomfortable, but continual exposure to the radiation can lead to sometimes fatal disease.   310 more words

Literary License

The interview with Roger Hooverman introduced the topic of literary license. Roger was kind enough to respond to a follow up question.

Do you have a difficult time staying true to the family stories? 736 more words

Florida Mangrove Trails - Lido Key, Sarasota

Over the weekend we took the kayaks down to Sarasota, Florida to check out Lido Key beach area and paddle the mangrove trails.  We caught the area during low tide so we ended up getting turned around a few times (in some spots it was completely dry).  111 more words


Projects to Spruce Up Your Landscaping to Increase Curb Appeal

Mulch makeover: Fresh mulch is used in Sarasota, Florida for moisture retention and eye appeal. It will liven up your flowerbeds and areas around trees. Landscapers and garden centers sell mulch in bulk or by the bag. 373 more words

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Sarasota / Mote Marine Laboratory

Die letzten Tage sind wir zweimal nach Sarasota gefahren. Dabei muss man die Inseln Longboat Key und Crecent überqueren.
Obwohl Anna Maria und Longboat Key direkt nebeneinander liegen, könnten sie verschiedener nicht sein. 311 more words