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I want every piece of me to crash into every piece of you,
I swear to god that’s how they make stars.

Mary Lambert; Sarasvati

#1day12pics and my visit to the Questura

Yesterday was our expedition to the Questura. I didn’t actually need to give them fingerprints again, or at least I didn’t need to provide them then. 642 more words


Folks Evenings vol 1

Mengundang Teman-teman semua dalam acara:

Folk Evenings vol.1

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Serayu Jingga,

Minggu, 23 Maret 2014
Pkl. 15:00 WIB
di Roemah Seni Sarasvati… 6 more words


Sunday Funday

Sundays are often my favourite days, and usually my busiest. I always get up, have breakfast, watch a few youtube videos, and then the day officially starts… 403 more words


The Lost River - Saraswati

I just completed the book “The Lost River”. It is a riveting read from cover to cover, written with data gleaned from various sources, analysis based on multiple disciplines and threading together many aspects of civilization – measures of lengths, weights, urban planning, religion, stratification of community and so on. 678 more words

Aryan Invasion Theory

My patron deities- Sarasvati (Air)

Creativity can be a double-edged sword. On one side, dreaming up and making beautiful things is wonderful, right? Whether you dream in poetry, write your truth, sing the song of your people, or bring a vision to life, you’re tapping into a process as old as humanity, and perhaps older. 742 more words