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Nirvana is Persistent

You know, I thought I had this all figured out. I had all the various elements of my spirituality placed neatly in their separate little niches. 189 more words


Nudity is OK, as Long as it's Tasteful

I was reading an article in the New York Times the other day about nudist colonies in Croatia, and it struck me. I am getting more comfortable being naked. 454 more words


A Hymn to Maha Sarasvati, the Great Goddess

By Anne Megerian




Maha Devi Sarasvati, Mother of us all

Maha, Maha Sarasvati, mother of my soul

Devi, Devi, Spun the space between the stars…

101 more words

Pointing at the Moon

Over the past couple of days, I’ve found myself slipping back into Buddhism. This time around, I feel much more comfortable in my examinations of the doctrines presented in important Mahayana texts. 214 more words


Many Gods, Many Paths: Giving up the Keys to the Mahayana

I can’t call myself a Buddhist any longer.

This is a decision I’ve come to with mixed feelings, and much regret. Yet it is also strangely liberating. 274 more words


Objective Fact and Subjective Truth: What's in a Name?

Let me get this off my chest right away: I really wanted Sarasvati’s name to have a pretty meaning. I was dead set on it meaning “The Flowing One,” because…well, that fits in so perfectly with how I experience her. 777 more words