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Orang Asal erect new Baram blockade

Joe Fernandez

Those who wrecked the earlier blockade vow to be back in three days to re-enact their act.

Orang Asal protesters against the proposed Baram Dam erected a new blockade in Long Kesseh village at KM 15 Jalan Samling to replace a year-old one demolished Tuesday morning by police, Forestry Department officers and loggers seeking access to the timber in the area. 199 more words

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Sarawak minister unaware of mistake in awarding land


Sarawak’s Land Development Minister James Masing told a sessions court in Kuala Lumpur today that there was a mistake in a letter dated April 2009 by his ministry in awarding Native Customary Rights land to two local companies instead of to conglomerate Sime Darby Bhd. 665 more words

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Sarawakians Boleh

CM Sarawak Adenan knows that Sarawakians are very confident and he as the leader of the State is not ashamed to spell it out to the world.

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Baleh Dam will be built first, not Baram

Lian Cheng

Baleh Dam will be built first instead of Baram Dam because all indications point toward that direction.

The Social Environment Impact Assessment (SEIA) studies for both dams have been carried out by SEB. 460 more words

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Bruno Manser honoured on his 60th birthday


Bruno Manser, who was Sarawak’s most wanted man in the 1990s  and went missing in the tropical rainforests inhabited by the Penan community in the Upper Baram area has been a rare honour. 324 more words

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The reality and hyperbole of high-income Malaysia by 2020


Government efficiency agency chief Datuk Seri Idris Jala had said yesterday that the gross national income per capita had been climbing steadily. 708 more words

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Do Sabah and Sarawak really want to leave Malaysia?


Two prominent East Malaysian politicians have attempted to play down the desire expressed by some people for Sabah and Sarawak to leave Malaysia, but an academic and expert on the subject says the sentiment is fuelling an actual movement 51 years after the country was formed. 792 more words

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