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An Icky, Sticky Labor Day (And I Mean That In A Good Way)

Happy Labor Day, Modern Philosophers!

While we are trained from birth to think that Labor Day Weekend marks the end of Summer, the beloved season actually still has almost three weeks left. 475 more words


Monday Morning Coffee Club: Labor Day 2014

Happy Labor Day, Modern Philosophers!

I know it’s a Monday, but it’s a non-working Monday, so it’s okay to be chipper.  This is the second Monday in a row that I’ve been off, and I could certainly get used to it.  314 more words


Pope Francis To Help Deliver Babies on Labor Day

Pope Francis I, by far the most popular head of the Catholic Church in centuries, is going to celebrate Labor Day in a unique way. 543 more words


Austin reblogged this on The Return of the Modern Philosopher and commented:

Happy Labor Day! Try to relax, enjoy your day off, and let Pope Francis do all the work. Remember your breathing exercises...

Life At The Cat House On The Hill

It’s been just over a week since I adopted Cali and Luna from the Bangor Humane Society, and brought them home to live at The House on the Hill. 580 more words


Moving At The Speed Of Summer


What’s the rush

To leave us

In the dust?

I’ve never seen

A season

Move so quickly.

It’s like

The last

Three months

Have zipped by on fast forward. 163 more words


Running Out Of August

We are running out of August, Modern Philosophers.

As I look at the calendar on the wall, I see that we are on the last day of the final full month of Summer.  391 more words


Happy Birthday, Little Sis!

Today is my sister Jennifer’s birthday, so I thought I’d wish her a Happy Birthday on the blog, Modern Philosophers.  Won’t you join me?

That’s her on the left.  525 more words