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04-15-2014 Journal Entry – A Spring Swim

In my last posting I was whining a little about not having much beach time here in good old tropical Maine. Being the bonehead I am and living with my boneheaded better-half we decided not to wait any longer to hit the beach. 414 more words

Possibly Humorous

Easter Eggs Politely Ask To Not Be Referred To As "Colored"

Easter Eggs today announced that they would would really liked it if people stopped referring to them as “Colored”.

In a statement released by the N Double Egg CP, the society that oversees the rights and interests of eggs, the world was asked to try using the term “Easterized”. 471 more words


May The Storm Pass Over That Runner In The Toga

What a difference a couple of days make, Modern Philosophers.

When I went for a run on Saturday, I felt as fresh as a Spring flower in bloom.  490 more words


04-13-2014 Journal Entry - Welcome to Spring

Well, after five months  the snow is finally gone. Unfortunately the post-winter cleanup can now begin.  All of the snow and ice storms certainly  did their share of damage to the property this year.  One tree down, serious plant damage everywhere, and additional damage from the town’s snowplow.  … 376 more words

Just Saying

Monday Morning Coffee Club: Passover 2014

Happy Passover, Modern Philosophers!

I’m Catholic, but my heart belongs to a sweet, dimple cheeked Jewish girl, so I like to celebrate her Holidays as well. 404 more words


The Lovely Rejects

Happy Sunday, Modern Philosophers!

While Sunday is traditionally the day of rest, it is also the day of rejection on this blog.  A new episode of… 497 more words


Maine Zombies To Fast For Passover; No One Tells Them They Have Their Holidays Confused

Maine Zombies announced today, via the Zom-Be Friends social networking site, that they intended to honor the Passover holiday by fasting.

As a result, Governor LePage has temporarily lifted the 7pm curfew that has been in place since the St. 219 more words


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Maine's Zombies wish you a happy Passover!