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You Can Lead A Kitty To The Condo...

Life at The House on the Hill has been much more pleasant, Modern Philosophers, since Cali and Luna decided to live with me.

The pitter patter of paws on the hardwood floors is quite comforting, and it’s always nice to have a purring kitty curled up in my lap…even when I’m trying to write. 441 more words


What Was Life Like Before Snow Was Invented?

I sit here at The House on the Hill, Modern Philosophers, watching another snowstorm dump its load on Maine, and I wonder what life was like before snow was invented. 648 more words


Construction Criticism

When I’m not writing at The House on the Hill, Modern Philosophers, I am chained to a desk at an undisclosed location in the Greater Bangor Area. 327 more words


Friday Night Think Tank: Party On, Modern Philosophers!

Happy Friday, Modern Philosophers!

We survived another week, so are you ready to party?  It is the weekend, and even Modern Philosophers have to let their hair down and get a little crazy.  490 more words


And Now, A Poem...

I call this one, Strawberry Mojito.


When people don’t think you’re funny

Even when you kind of are,

The angry one that lives alone… 122 more words


God Electrifies The Pearly Gates To Keep Out Zombies

Apparently, Zombies don’t get to go to Heaven, Modern Philosophers.

The Vatican announced today that God had electrified the Pearly Gates in order to keep out the herds of Zombies that keep knock, knock, knocking on Heaven’s Door. 515 more words


Austin reblogged this on The Return of the Modern Philosopher and commented:

Sometimes, I lose sleep worrying if The Zombie Apocalypse will overrun Heaven and keep me from my Eternal Reward. It's good to know The Big Guy has a plan to prevent that...

Grimace Asks For Your Prayers As He Prepares For Bariatric Surgery

When Mayor McCheese visited The House on the Hill yesterday, he let me in on a secret that he asked me to share with you today, Modern Philosophers. 475 more words