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Friday Morning Halloween Candy Club

Happy Halloween from The Haunted House on the Hill, Modern Philosophers!

It’s Friday and the coolest holiday known to man and Otherworldly Beings.  Today, you can pretend you are anyone you want to be, and finally ignore that lifelong ban on taking candy from strangers.  312 more words


He Who Runs With Werewolves

I know I haven’t post much about running lately, Modern Philosophers, but I am about to make up for it with this post.

As I reported earlier this month, The Man in the Moon kindly agreed to The All Hallows Society’s request that he provide a full moon for Halloween. 508 more words


Maine Zombie Control Agency Promises Zombie Free Halloween

Norman Nicotero, Maine’s Zombie Control Czar, assured Mainers today that, despite rumors of a Zombie attack in Washington County last night, the state’s Zombie population is under control and will not be a problem on Halloween. 509 more words


Pope Francis To Turn Vatican Into Giant Haunted House For Halloween

The Partying Pontiff is at is again, Modern Philosophers!

Pope Francis announced that he is throwing a lavish Halloween party on Thursday night, and turning The Vatican into the world’s scariest haunted house for the event. 372 more words


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Pope Francis, aka The Partying Pontiff, knows how to celebrate a holiday. This is what he did for Halloween last year. Any guesses what he'll do to make Halloween 2014 memorable?

Halloween Horror Panel Selects Humans As Scariest Beings

The much anticipated Halloween Horror Panel was held at the Cross Insurance Center in Bangor today.

A packed house gathered for what is referred to as the “Comic-Con of Halloween”.  463 more words


Analysts Baffled By Maine's Egg And Toilet Paper Shortage

Apparently, Maine has caught the attention of economists and market analysts, Modern Philosophers.

According to a report released on ConsumerMarketWatch.com, several of the big brain, number crunching, what’s going on with the economy types are befuddled by the current shortage of eggs and toilet paper in this state. 559 more words


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As Halloween quickly approaches, I want to remind all Modern Philosophers to stock up on toilet paper and eggs just in case there's another shortage like there was last year...

Halloween Flights Of Fancy

It turned out to be one of “those Mondays”, Modern Philosophers, so when I got home to The House on the Hill after a horrible day at work, I knew needed a quick pick me up to raise my spirits. 606 more words