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keep calm and hug @AmoIrene

— I'm Nobody!Who r u ? (@POETICandFUNNY) January 30, 2015


Jesus Christ Superstar Do You Think You’re Who They Say You Are?

Excerpt from JT Hilltops Galactic Gardening

News. North East West South. Good news, bad news, happy news, sad news. There’s tragic news, welcome news, not so welcome news, news, news, news, all kinds of news. 884 more words

Bat Shit Crazy is No Laughing Matter

I am posting this from the site https://iamnotbatshitcrazy.wordpress.com/

I think more people need to be aware of horrible and difficult struggles.

Bat Shit Crazy

I would say that most people have heard the expression Bat Shit Crazy. 857 more words

Sassy Fashion: What not to wear. Seriously.

You guys. Have you heard of Zulily? If not, you need to download this free app IMMEDIATELY.

Seriously. Do it now. We will wait.

You buy clothes, housewares, shoes…for the whole family. 233 more words


Traffic Troubles..

Guess who’s here today?! It’s Julie, you know the one without the blog? Yes that Julie. When in Sam hell are you going to get a blog… 129 more words

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Bitter Abandonment Giftures

Abandon hope all ye that read stuff on here.  Just like my writing skills have abandoned me this week, so should you abandon your desks and workstations and computers and find bitterness in your cars, trains, planes, moped, skiis, snowboards, apparating or Time Machine Deloreans.   166 more words


Brain Abornalities

From IFLScience.com

WIDTS: Nop, no brane abornalities here.