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Dear person who just followed me on Twitter

– I don’t have a Facebook page in need of ‘likes’
– I don’t use automated DMs
– I’m not going to like your page. 705 more words

Ranting Whimsical

The Real Fake Humans of Delhi

Ever since Brandon Stanton’s ‘Humans of New York’ (HoNY) picked up, there have been several earnest mimics of his page. And then, there’s Humans of Delhi (HoD), a satire of the ‘Humans…’ craze. 602 more words


A petition

Alright. Here’s the thing. Sorry. The petition.

Tiger should be declared as the new ‘King of the Jungle’.

I mean this is too much man!!! 187 more words


Men are from Mars, women are from whichever planet is most misunderstood.

Men and women: the most opposite creatures on Earth. Honestly, it still baffles me that men and women can share oxygen. I like to think I give men the benefit of the doubt for the way they think. 764 more words


Feel free men and women to add in your own in the comment form below…From the days of a mafia run phone room, I give you the “I like my women like my____________, __________ & _____________” game. 220 more words


Aging Blows....

Why I sometimes want to just move to Alabama, buy a couch for my porch, sit on it and eat all day while embracing the old trailer lifestyle….. 13 more words


Carnavalul cruzimii (3)

«Toţi oamenii sînt corupţi acolo, în afară de Bonturo; banii schimbă orice nu în da’. Jos l-a azvîrlit şi pe stînca aspră a fugit; nicicînd n-a fost dulău dezlegat, aşa iute să-l gonească pe tîlhar. 857 more words