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The 7 Stages of Turkey - Happy Thanksgiving

May you and your loved ones have much to celebrate today and every day!

(and thanks to Dr. Elizabeth Kubler-Ross and her wonderful research http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Elisabeth_K%C3%BCbler-Ross )


Windy Weather Names...

Gibberite Kingdom get on your feet and give AC a round of applause. I think this is AC’s first  question here! You’re very brave AC! 193 more words

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It's not just about the turkey.

So, today is a day to give thanks and/or test the limits of your skinny jeans’ promises. While both purposes each have their own intrinsic value I plan on just focusing on the first. 563 more words

Episode 58: Judge Me for Who I Am, Not What I do!!!

Isn’t it strange how very often a person is judged on the job that they do, or profession they choose. It even categorizes what ‘class’ you belong to.Very often, even now,when participating in any sort of consumer study or market research, the question is always asked as to, either the occupation of the ‘head of house’ (at least it is not assumed now that will automatically be a male) or the income of the main breadwinner, in order to determine which socio-economic group or class to slot people into. 482 more words


keep on walking...


Alkohol Lyrics

wir haben wieder die nacht zum tag gemacht
ich nehm’ mein frühstück abends um acht
gedanken fließen zäh wie kaugummi
mein kopf ist schwer wie blei, mir zittern die knie… 150 more words

In an alternate universe.

There’s so much going wrong with my life and who better to listen to me than the twenty something or so followers I have (and mum said I’d never be popular…HA!) … 74 more words


I'm Calling It Right Now

Tomorrow I’m going to walk outside of my house and find moutains of snow blocking the entrance/exit of my driveway. I’m calling it right now. Marks my words. 36 more words