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So nice, I wrote about it twice!

The primary goal of my blog is to inform people of southern restaurants, experiences and adventures through the eyes of a midwesterner without boring anyone. That means not writing about the same thing every post, not putting anyone to sleep, and sparking conversations. 907 more words

Midwesterner Meets The South

How To Avoid Being Eaten By A Cannibal

There are a myriad of resources that can advise you on how to survive a zombie attack, spot a werewolf, or seduce a vampire. But there are virtually no materials warning us of the dangers of cannibals. 307 more words

5 Lies Exchanged During Supermarket Transactions

1.  “Hi. How are you today?”

Both parties will exchange lies during this question. No matter who raises the question first—both lie through their teeth. Neither cashier nor customer will let the other know how shitty their day is. 638 more words


If My Previous Posts Are Prostitutes, Then I’m A Post-Peddlin’ Pimp (Alternate Title: Revisiting Some Classics)

When you’re a blogger with writer’s block, it can be difficult to maintain the frequency of your posts with exciting, relevant, and engaging content. Writer’s block is the bane of all lovers of words. 903 more words


Why Deborah Morgan Is All The Cool

There is no denying that Dexter is one of the all-time great cult classics that has graced the Showtime series circuit but let’s highlight what is really important here shall we….. 100 more words


You are your own secret weapon.

You are your own secret weapon.

Those who know you understand what you are doing when you describe physical ills. They understand that you are very careful in your description of details.  123 more words