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Five Thing Friday, 11.21.2014

1. Why do people continue to refer to Winter as a “Polar Vortex?” It happens every year (usually around November for us folk in the Northeast) but it’s more commonly known as “Winter” or “Awful.” I do realize it was colder than normal in other areas of the country and blah blah blah but if you think I’m going to have any sort of sympathy for Texas having temperatures in the 40′s for two days, you are sadly mistaken. 260 more words


When Will I Ben?

Yesterday I was bantering back and forth as I always do,with Bitter Ben from https://bensbitterblog.wordpress.com If you feel the need to be bitter and spread it, check out… 125 more words

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Manners What A Novel Idea

As most of you have gathered by now I am a take to the blog and vent it out kind of ranter because just verbally getting it out there helps take my level of irritation down a few notches :) and on that note I am not actually a full on 24/7 ranting lunatic.  606 more words


How Do You Say 'Sarcasm' in French?

A French lady to an American who was trying to converse in French: “How wise of you not to attempt the French accent!”



Off Topic Friday: Writer's Block

We have all had the feeling of writer’s block, I am sure, at some time or other; that indolence brought on by procrastination, made worse by the silent condemnation of the blank page. 301 more words


Make a walk for the border of Friday Giftures

You know, there are all kinds of people running around these days.  The 5K’s are almost unlimited in scope from tough mudder’s to color runs, to neon runs to running in your undies to the zombie runs to even Krispy Kreme runs.  276 more words