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I’m gonna do something about this. Tell the people because a revolution’s coming. A pizza revolution. A pizza-lution. (Wow that joke was awful I hate myself I need that pizza now more than ever)


Passive Aggression...and it's killing your marriage.

Passive aggressive behavior is all about one simple word: disconnect. It’s the “disconnect” between what is being said and what is being done.  Unfortunately, all around us, marriages are suffering from it.   864 more words


You mean the system worked?

When a bureaucratic process goes too smoothly I always wonder what happened. Did I forget something? Is it a processing error? I’m soooo cynical of the system, especially one through a computer, to completely trust the ease of it all.

Episode 80: Christmas Stuffing!

Ahhh, work has finished for a couple of days, and it’s time to relax before the madness and mayhem of Christmas sets in. Miss Hap is off spending the weekend with my older sister so me and Mr Grump can potter about, doing the last-minute jobs; buying and wrapping the last of the presents, and generally getting things done – without a little someone prodding the presents that are under the tree so far, or nosing about trying to find where we have stashed the rest of the goodies! 462 more words


Yay! (said in a very sarcastic unimpressed tone)

I believe I’ve re-conquered an innocuously destructive (yes, I’m aware of the duality of these words) habit of social networks and their beguiling alternatives that call themselves forums, chat rooms, blog sites, and yes, even shopping or educationally- interactive sites are really just…..social media. 90 more words


Five questionable things I did today.

1. Laughed when I didn’t understand someone to fill the awkward gap. Turns out he said he has COPD. Whoops.

2. I asked a priest if he reckoned Jesus was a bit of a lad? 78 more words