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My name is Marianne and I shop on Thanksgiving

(What you are about to experience may be called controversial. It may even go against everything you stand for. I understand this and am really glad I won’t have to fist fight you for a Cabbage Patch Kid at Target on Thursday. 446 more words

Waiting to be seen.

Just a small slimy creepy crawler right? No! It’s a freaking circus act in a supposed “sterile” environment.

Let me start at the beginning…
I have been sick for three days now and finally surrendering I drove until I found a walk in clinic. 415 more words


7 Reasons Taylor Swift Needs To Just Not

Is anyone else completely and utterly sick of Taylor Swift?

I know I gave her a shout-out in one of my earlier blog posts, but that was more me making fun of her for writing songs about her ex-boyfriends than actually giving her any sort of positive recognition. 425 more words


11-25-14 I'd Rather Eat My Own Arm Than Install Another Blind

I’ve been far too busy at work to bitch about work. I’ll just tell you about my weekend.

Friday, I got off work and went to my dad’s shop, Autosource Unlimited, because he requested my help on my car’s repairs. 456 more words


Life's Lessons Till Date

If life was a set of keys on the QWERTY keyboard, it would be the UP and DOWN arrow. Well, no. I am not here to teach you typing…(because I am bad at it!). 494 more words


I Want To Like People....

Contrary to popular belief I really do want to like people, be a people person, help and encourage people, break out of my social cocoon, entertain people, widen my social network, meet people, be someone people want to read and listen to, and know lots of great people  46 more words