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2015: My Agenda

Having critically examined the political landscape over the past few months, studying the intrigues and intricacies, the alignments and re-alignments that have shaped the build-up to the forthcoming general elections, I have decided to render myself to the service of my fatherland by contesting for the presidency of our great nation in the 2015 elections on the platform of the Peoples’ Progressive Party (PPP). 1,047 more words

Internetting & Internotting: The Story of Why I Did It

As of late my internet addiction has been at odds with my ideals.

Before I continue let me define a few key terms in the statement above: 851 more words



I went to lunch yesterday for my anniversary and must have had some bad combination of Chicken Alfredo, too much strawberry passion fruit limeade, and too little willpower to stop eating the unlimited breadsticks (I was just testing their limits), because when I left that place, I was sporting a nasty case of the hiccups (or as my kids used to call them wiccups).  800 more words


Many of our students lack the ability to exhibit or understand subtlety, and when we, as leaders, model disconnected cynicism we train our students not to care, or at the very least present an aura of disconnection.

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Youth Ministry

Sensitive RUDE People!

How is everyone doing? I am on my lunch break, and just HAVE to express my thoughts in regards to certain people that my blood boil. 260 more words

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