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Cluster luck Friday Giftures

My life is a running disaster.  Not in the traditional sense of lightning bolts coming down from the sky, hurricanes lifting my house all the way to Oz, or Spokane, floods overflowing the water table in my basement, or molten lava coming down from an angry volcano.  375 more words


6 Things More Powerful than god that You Ower Your Life To.

“Did you ever get down on your knees to praise that enormous bubble of molten iron that lies between the United Kingdom and New Zealand, a.k.a. 26 more words


Mr. Potty Mouth

The weekend of Labor Day, I flew to Seattle to spend the week with my best friend. It was my last couple of weeks on Match (for round one anyway) and I was e-mailing a couple of fellows. 391 more words

Call waiting

Yesterday a package arrived at my door via Fed Ex.  The delivery man handed me my package and said “Enjoy your new phone!”

“My phone?” I asked. 713 more words

Why I could never be a junkie

I could never be a drug addict.

1. I hate swallowing pills.
Luckily the pills I take now are tiny. Actually I only take my thyroid pill which is miniscule and the B vitamin I take in a vain attempt to make my hair grow faster, melts on my tongue. 705 more words