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Summer is annoying.

My coffee, on usual Monterey days, is cold before I finish it, the wind licking away the best 3 minutes of perfect drinking temperature like a greedy witch. 464 more words


The Second Jaunt in Paris: Even Better Than the Last...?

Someone I used to know right down to the soul but who I don’t even talk to anymore (great gossip teaser, right?) once said to me: “ 937 more words

Romi Moondi

Keeping it Classy: Hallway Etiquette in Schools

Originally Published in September of 2012

A silly and sarcastic little op-ed. Despite this, it was one of the most fun articles I have ever written. 520 more words

High School

Limerick 10

This guy went an unexpected route. He got a bit silly with his response, which I appreciate. I can play along!

What I do not appreciate is after exchanging what, 50 words, he asks to hang out. 48 more words


Rush In Restaurant

It finally happened, I finally imploded at work in my restaurant job with customers where I had to errupt in the most passive aggressive version of sarcasm that I could possibly muster. 1,276 more words


What in the hot, holy, fucking hell?

First, a little test. What, in the following list, does not belong? (hint: I got smart and had my tubes tied a freaking decade ago.) 687 more words

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