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I don’t even want to see how long it’s been since I’ve posted.  Weeks? Months?  I stopped, feeling like I had nothing to post and was just using this as a bitching post.   839 more words

Fresh Meat and Fresh Wounds

It’s the beginning of my high school career, and at this time I’m in the pit for percussion which is the melodic part of drumline. Yes, I’m what the outside world considers a band geek, but music is one of my passions. 745 more words


Post 12

Yellow there peeps,sup?

Yes,yes I know I’m a sucky blogger sue me, as long as your lawyer is not Gerrie Nel or Barry Roux 😂. 226 more words

One Sarcastically Sweet Remark

Hi, I am Hannah Andrea, a girl far too sarcastic for her own good but far too shy to do her good, too. But this blog won’t be filled with angst teenager writer blog posts. 73 more words


On Skimming, and attempting to learn ANYTHING on the Internet.

I like life. I like the world.

I’m interestED, I’m interestING.

And I’m curious- how does this work, why does it work, what makes it go whoosh? 191 more words

"I was being sarcastic," Man's text message costs him $53,000

BUFFALO, N.Y. – A man in New York says a text message that was meant as a joke cost him $53,000.

According to the Buffalo News… 181 more words