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Written by a Moody Pen: Chapter 7

Written by a Moody Pen

(& Often a Sarcastic Muse)

Chapter 7

How to Draw Attention – A Generous Sprinkle of “Nuts”

How to draw attention? 100 more words

Written By A Moody Pen

'Oh my god, I am just SO sarcastic!'

I hate people constantly over-describing themselves as ‘sarcastic’, as if it’s one of their main character traits. ‘Hi, I’m Felix. I’m 6’2″, dark-haired, sarcastic.’ 176 more words


Waiting on Revenge

My children think it’s appropriate to wake up at the crack ass of dawn every single morning, except those mornings in which we HAVE to be up early. 633 more words


What the @#*&! or I might just be too Opinionated to be a Buddhist!!

What would summer be without cooking outside, or watermelon or cold salads or  going barefoot (yes, in the grass but also across the hot asphalt!) or the smell of chlorine from the public pool or the sand in your bathing bottoms from spending a day at the beach or summer concert nights!!!! 388 more words


ғυnny coмeвacĸѕ

jυѕт a noтe, тнeѕe are ĸιnd oғ мean вυт ғυnny (:

❥ нey, reмeмвer wнen ι aѕĸed ғor yoυr opιnιon? yeaн, мe neιтнer.
❥ ι’м вυѕy now, can ι ιgnore yoυ ѕoмe oтнer тιмe? 100 more words

A Cruel Joke

It’s a cruel joke.

It’s “I love you.”

It’s making me think I was

Worth it.

It’s making me think I was


Making me me believe… 42 more words

Real Writings

How to Survive in Maryland as a Football Hater

Whether we want to believe it or not, summer is halfway over. Before we know it the temperatures will drop, those annoying kids that have been overcrowding the mall will be back in school, and FOOTBALL SEASON WILL BEGIN. 608 more words