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Answering The Award

I recently received a nomination from a fellow blogger J. Gi Federizo over at The End Justifies The Means for a blog award called the Liebster. 745 more words


Brain Fog...It's No Picnic...But I Have To Accept It...And I Will Learn to Laugh About It!

One of the multitude of symptoms of having sarcoidosis involves the slowing of brain function…often referred to as brain fog. The cause in not entirely known although in some cases it is directly related to having sarcoidosis of the neurological system. 829 more words

What It Is Like To Live With Sarcoidosis

Loren's Badass Chick: Holly Brown

This week’s Badass Chick is Holly Brown, local aesthetician and creator of Looking + Feeling FAB, which provides skin care, products and education to people with cancer, Multiple Sclerosis, Lupus, ALS and Parkinson’s Disease. 268 more words


Flashback Friday - The Case Of The Disappearing Blogger

Originally posted January 19, 2011

The Case Of The Disappearing Blogger

One thing about following a blog that is written by a person with a chronic illness is that one day that blog may just stop. 455 more words


Coming Out of the Autoimmune Closet

Aside from telling my personal business to strangers across the globe via this blog, I am have been a very private person. I began the process of opening up to others about 2 years ago. 1,157 more words


Vacation From Chronic Town

It’s been a while since I’ve written. I took a vacation from Chronic Town. No, I wasn’t cured of my sarcoidosis, but for a few weeks I was healthy enough and lucky enough to be able to pretend I was. 740 more words

Sunday Thought ........

” The task of any Religion is NOT to tell us who we are entitled to hate BUT to teach us who we are required to love!”

Etc ....

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