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STREAM: Adebisi Shank - "Voodoo Vision"

Off This is the Third Album of a Band Called Adebisi Shank, out August 12 on Sargent House.


This Weeks Sounds: Boris - Noise | Upcoming shows!

Hi everyone! Sorry it’s been a bit sleepy around here recently. Lots of fun stuff has been happening and it’s all about to come to a head. 418 more words


Boris - Noise

Sargent House; 2014
by Mickey White
June 24, 2014


Japanese experimental metal band Boris are 19 albums in, which is not counting collaborations with artists like noise legend Merzbow or drone icons Sunn O))) (pronounced “Sun”). 412 more words

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Qui just want to have fun

L.A. duo Qui sing pretty harmonies between columns of distortion in the new video for “Life, Water, Living.” It’s a funny video from a band that doesn’t take itself too seriously. 25 more words

The new Adebisi Shank track is an arena rock space trip

The wacky, mathy Irish sounds of Adebisi Shank return with “Bit Unit” following their last record that came out in 2010 (though it was reissued the following year in North America).  59 more words


See the world through Zorch's eyes

Get a dual Zorch perspective in their live performance of “Zut Alors,” recorded in L.A. after their tour with Tera Melos in December. It’s the most triumphant video game ending ever. 13 more words


Emma Ruth Rundle Streams Album - It's Incredible

Emma Ruth Rundle’s album, Some Heavy Ocean, is breathtakingly beautiful, dark, mesmerizing, and catchy. Her voice amazes while not being overbearing. Reminds me of a darker Neko Case. 9 more words

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