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Plan B 'Pop Star' Masterclass with The Saturdays' Una Foden

Dream of being a Pop Star? How do you get your break? How do you beat the nerves? The Saturdays’ Una Foden answers these questions, & more, in this PlanB ‘Pop Star’ Masterclass.

Sarina Bellissimo

Interview: Rory O'Neill, aka Panti Bliss, wears "High Heels in Low Places"

Rory O’Neill, aka Panti Bliss, dropped into my radio show, Spin1038′s Plan B, to talk to me about life after “Panti Gate”, his new show “High Heels in Low Places”, and all of his exciting new projects. 16 more words

Sarina Bellissimo

PLAN B Wrestling Masterclass - WWE's Sheamus the Celtic Warrior

Are you a fan of the WWE? Have you dreamed of being a WWE Superstar? What does it take to make it to the top? 20 more words

Sarina Bellissimo

Interview: Elyar Fox

I recently caught up with Elyar Fox to talk about girls, twitter stalking, dating fans and he performs, A Billion Girls.

Sarina Bellissimo


Marc Webb’s The Amazing Spiderman 2: The Rise of Electro is in Irish cinemas now.

He directs one of my favourite films ever, (500) Days of Summer… 51 more words

Sarina Bellissimo

Interview: Emma Stone (THE AMAZING SPIDERMAN 2)

The Amazing Spiderman 2: The Rise of Electro is out in Irish cinemas today.

I caught up with Emma Stone in London last week to talk about the film, staying out of the tabloids, crushing Chinese selfies & staying awake during junkets.

Sarina Bellissimo

Interview: Keith Barry - BRAINHACKER

Keith Barry is currently being a Brain Hacker at the Olympia Theatre.

Recently he dropped into my radio show, Spin1038′s Plan B, to hack into my brain (freak me out!), talk hanging out with Woody Harrelson and the craziest stunt he has ever done.

Sarina Bellissimo