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Terminology: Anxiety and Despair with Patrick Stokes

Do you ever get that feeling in your stomach when you walk across a bridge and something tells you to throw yourself off? If these odd urges of suicide are the result of your freedom, are they all that bad? 986 more words


"Hell is Other People" - Jean-Paul Sartre

As of lately, I’ve been thinking about the root of suffering quite a bit. Where does it come from? Is it some internal force that we create in our own minds due to our inability to accept the realities of life or does it rise from the external? 505 more words



Have you ever read No Exit by Jean-Paul Sartre? If you haven’t and you intend to, don’t read this post, because I’m going to spoil the plot. 410 more words

365 Days

21st Century Existentialism

Was your kid born if you didn’t post a Facebook birth announcement?  Did you actually die when they dumped your body in the ground or were you only mostly dead until someone deactivated your account?   1,048 more words

My Personal Hell

Kaffe, Café, Coffee

After seeing “A Coffee in Berlin”, something lingered more strongly than a yearning for currywurst.

In many ways, Antoine Roquentin’s pen has become a camera, capturing another full day of emptiness for Niko Fisher.  1,126 more words

"NW" by Zadie Smith

IN CIRCULATION: last seen in Burlington, VT, USA

I was in Brussels for half of 2012 and most of 2013, and tried to keep my English lit reading to a minimum in favor of francophone material in order to improve and maintain my French. 1,983 more words