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Base Minami Aoyama Task By Ryuichi Sasaki + Kazuya Nishimura / Sasaki Architecture

© Ryota Atarashi
Foundation Minami Aoyama is a a few storied mini style enterprise place of work tenant sophisticated. Its gate formed frames line up in somewhat shifted way like a sequence of contemporary artwork sculptures. 13 more words

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Base Minami Aoyama Project By Ryuichi Sasaki + Sasaki Architecture

© Ryota Atarashi
Base Minami Aoyama is a 3 storied mini vogue enterprise workplace tenant complex. Its gate shaped frames line up in slightly shifted way like a series of present day art sculptures. 18 more words

Daily Ideas

Fred Sasaki Comes to Coe

Fred Sasaki drives a Honda Fit.  He shops at American Apparel for tights- sorry, unisex tights.  He works for Poetry Foundation, and he loves emailing.  I’m sure that if Fred Sasaki could send a sassy email to President Obama and not have the CIA looking into his history, he would probably send at least ten a day.


Andree Putman's tea/coffee cups made by Sasaki

I mentioned that I had a bit of a thing for Andree Putman’s designs in my post on the Mallet-Stevens chairs.

I stumbled on these teacups recently in an op shop here in Canberra.   69 more words

Andree Putman

Paper Gods

An orizuru
Two hands fold in summer sun,
Takes wing and flies home.

In memory of Sadako Sasaki, in pursuit of peace.

Paper Planes