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Diva of the Week!

This week’s diva of the week goes out to Orlando Jones! Yass honey! What he lacks in femininity he damn sure makes up for in sass, “Boom POW POW!”.

List Function

Defining List :

$space-delimited-list :10px 20px 30px 40px;

$another-space-delimited-list:50px 60px 70px 80px;


List Function :

$space-delimited-list :10px 20px 30px 40px;

$another-space-delimited-list:50px 60px 70px 80px; 46 more words


Nested style with & symbol

Nested style’s nothing but all the children selector go under parent selector. below is one quick example am showing nested style using & symbol.

SCSS Code:

40 more words

Performing mathematical using SASS

Using SASS we can do mathematical operation such as addition, subtraction, multiplication and division easily. below is the simple example to find column width based on container width and number of column. 65 more words


Inherite style using @extend

Style Inheritance nothing but let say you have set style’s with one class. The same we may need in some other class name in this what we could to just @extend .classname below is the example. 46 more words


My Five Favorite Things About SASS (The CSS Extension Language)

I recently had the opportunity to teach HTML and CSS to a class of women through Chicago Women Developers, an organization devoted to the advancement of women in tech. 735 more words


Love & Sass

Love isn’t real. Great. Now tell some kid that Santa isn’t real too.

no. not okay.

I’ve never experienced it, but I don’t go round saying it’s not real. 414 more words