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A back to school letter for high school kids

So I have been getting questions about how to get to university and all that and I realized I should probably advise people who are still in high school. 667 more words

Chinese GAAR: Review of a draft "Administrative measure"

The Chinese State Administration of Taxation (SAT) has released draft General Anti-Avoidance Rules (GAAR) to supplement its current GAAR legislation and Circular 2.  The draft rules, when final, will be effective for all arrangements executed after 1/1/2008, the effective date of the Corporate Income Tax Law and the Detailed Implementation Rules.   317 more words

Best Practices


The root word:”Ig”/”Il”/”Im/”in”/”ir” — meaning: not/without.

Illegal: Not legal.

Inappropriate: Not appropriate.

Incessant: Not ceasing.

Indomitable: Not able to be dominated.

Infallible: Invincible, not able to be conquered. 15 more words


SAT Prep

There are a lot of great websites for prepping for the SAT. There is Khan Academy has a SAT prep section, testive.com, number2.com, and collegeboard.org also have SAT prep. 216 more words



So I took the SAT at the beginning of the summer and I got my scores back. I really wasn’t satisfied with my scores. I really didn’t prep for it and a lot of smart people will claim that it isn’t really a test you can prep for, which really pisses me off because those people are usually the snooty pompous people who are assholes and like to make sure other people know how smart they are. 258 more words


South African Tourism ‘Engages’ in Lagos

At a dinner organised by South African Tourism in Lagos recently, Evelyn Mahlaba, the new Regional Director for Africa; Hloni Pitso, Regional Manager for West Africa and Mohammed Tanko Kwajaffa, Trade Relations Manager for West Africa were introduced to the travel industry stakeholders, celebrities and selected media. 161 more words



The root word: “Ego” — meaning: self. 

Egocentric: Self Centered.

Egoistic: Self Centered.

Egomania: Self Conceited.

Egotism: Self Conceit.

*Basically anything with the word ‘ego’ means self centered… easy enough!*


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