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Dečiji sat (okrugli)

Sat za dečiju sobu sa srcima umesto brojeva (30cm)


Dysgenics & the Flynn Effect on high SAT scores?

Generally speaking, it’s a bad idea to use culturally loaded tests like the SAT to compare the intelligence of people from very different cultures (i.e. 21st century America vs. 615 more words


The root word: “Lab” — meaning: work.

Collaborate: To work together (co).

Elaborate: To tell more about, to work out the details.

Labor: Work.

Laborious: Strenuous, involving lots of work.


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Discussion (6): Friends

Sorry, little bit of a blogging hiatus there, but I’m back now! Today’s topic is going to be a little bit different from the rest of the book stuff; it’s actually going to just be me rambling about friends. 394 more words

High School

Yale University

Ask any student around the world, and it will most definitely agreed upon that Yale University, an Ivy League institution with a 6.5% acceptance rate, is one of the top colleges on the entire planet. 1,336 more words