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The root word: “gress”/”grad” —– meaning: to step, to go

Digression: To go from the main topic.

Gradient: To go slowly; transition.

Gradual: Go slowly. 12 more words


College Advice from an Introverted Mermaid #3 - Junior Year of HS

Disclaimer: Everything I write in this series is coming from personal experience so please don’t think that college will be like this for everyone or that anything bad that happened so far for me is going to happen to you, I am hoping to help you avoid that! 310 more words


[MUST WATCH!] S-Saigo no Keikan (2014)

Haloha~ Ketemu lagi sama gw~ Akhir-akhir ini gw lagi keranjingan J-Drama (lebih dikenal dengan dorama). J-drama yang udah gw tamatkan adalah S-The Last Policeman atau S-Saigo no Keikan. 923 more words

Japan Freaks!

Gimme a break, Studies!

“OK, I’ve had enough of coaching and exams. Give me a break, would you?”

The irony of Fate is that things rarely ever turn out the way you expected. 254 more words

Aigoo! I'm not so pitiful after all

My parents have been telling me off for being vain & haughty for some time now – ever since I quit the self-sacrificial act and transformed into a selfish, rebellious teen instead – five years to be exact. 303 more words

Xót xa dạy trẻ tự kỷ bằng roi sắt

Hành vi thiếu đạo đức của các cô giáo dạy trẻ một lần nữa làm dấy lên sự bức xúc của dư luận và nỗi lo lắng của các bậc phụ huynh khi gửi con đi học. 2,056 more words

1000 lepih stvari - 33. Miris lubenice

Kada donesemo kući, sa pijace lubenicu, pa je mama raseče na pola, i minimum sat vremena miriše cela kuća na lubenicu. Predivno je.

1000 Lepih Stvari