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Michael Sata's widow joins succession race - Zambia

Lusaka – The battle for Zambia’s presidency became even more of a family affair on Wednesday with late leader Michael Sata’s widow joining the race to become the ruling party’s candidate. 288 more words


Check SATA version and link speed

To check your SATA version and link speed of your SATA cable, type in terminal:

dmesg | grep -i sata | grep 'link up' | tail -n1


OCZ’s Saber 1000 Flash Drives Fill the Gap between Client and Enterprise SSDs

Hyper-scale deployments, common in cloud environments, can have hundreds of rack-mounted servers running content-based applications, such as media streaming, video on demand or web services. These mostly read-intensive workloads require the strong storage performance of server-side flash, but hyper-scale infrastructures can also have tight cost restrictions so many cloud data centers have turned to consumer-grade SATA SSDs. 366 more words


Corruption and landgrads in Tanzania, Zambian president dies

Doug Miller comments various news items :

- Masai lands once again up for grabs by Gulf State game hunters
– Zambian president Michael Sata Dies and is replaced by Guy Scott… 6 more words


Clover, UEFI, etc

I am recently trying to switch from Chameleon (which has been my bootloader of choice for 6 years approximately) to Clover.

Turns out while some things are more clear others (which should be the easier ones) are more complex – or just my google-foo left me ! 250 more words


Hadoop - Hardware 101

The term commodity hardware is cited. However, commodity is referred to as:
(This doesn’t sound much like the romantic notion of dirt cheap infrastructure to me!) 118 more words

Bitter succession battle looms in Zambia

On his deathbed in a London hospital a couple of weeks ago, the President of Zambia, Michael Chilufya Sata, dictated a note in which he named his preferred successor. 628 more words