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Those Poor Unfortunate Rodents

OKLAHOMA CITY, Ok (news) – In front of almost 100 people they are going to defile a consecrated host. If that doesn’t get the vitriol going they plan on performing a Satanic exorcism as well. 488 more words


Does God Love Satan?

My buddy Tom Belt has brought up this question once again that we discussed on the old Open Theism Discussion Boards. Really, I wince every time I see pictures or quotes or hear songs of this dual between Lucifer and Jesus where Lucifer is depicted as being “defeated” in some sense that leaves us saying, “Yeah! 255 more words

Return To Miracle Mile

The trial of the mind: Alternating between personalities…


In the foul year of 2012…

Call out: “You’re a sad little bitch that couldn’t take people trying to help you.” 738 more words


The Lucky Charm God

We were in a large room at church, attending a class called “Sensing God’s Presence.” Our table facilitator asked about our “experience of sensing God’s presence.” 475 more words


Hurricane Camille...let's party. Never underestimate how intense and dangerous satan is.

It was an early Sunday morning when I looked outside at the trees beginning to bend with the wind and turned on the radio. A hurricane was churning 90 miles South of Mobile, Alabama. 295 more words