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So what is actually Halloween?

When I think of Halloween, three things come to mind.

1. Dressing up as a goon and going to a party whilst watching people take off their beloved hard worked on costumes after 20 minutes because they got too hot and the initial ‘nice costume’ compliments have disappeared while a few shy people in the corner already dressed normally are hating life and everyone is pretending to have a great time and make sure enough photos of them are uploaded to Facebook to make sure everyone knows they are out and not indoors on Halloween, as that’s a crime. 655 more words


The Temptation of Jesus

I have written on this subject before but certainly not recently. This post from 2009 focuses on the nature of sin as the easy way out… 766 more words



Hell; Post the Beginning of Time: A most disgruntled Satan is rummaging about Hell looking for his bicycle clips. Ever since the idea struck him last evening he’d been looking forward to going ‘off road’ on his new mountain bike, a present from Enepsigos (the fallen angel who appears in the shape of woman). 1,045 more words

My experiences with a Jehovah's Witness

I currently have a mother in law who’s been a JW for I guess about 5 years now. She became caught up with the witnesses every since her marriage went south and she became depressed. 736 more words


The Devil is a Better Theologian

Then, from the word “theology” comes the word “theologian.” It used to mean a person who has specialized in the study of God, but it has come to mean someone who is an expert in a slice of Christianity. 441 more words


Sweet Victory

What a tragic story the first murder recorded in the Bible is.  Scholars have speculated as to why God approved Abel’s offering but not Cain’s.  The only commentary we have on the reason God chose Abel’s offering is in… 627 more words

Spiritual Life

Simply Jealous

I want so much to be with you. Yet you’re in love with Him. You want both of us. You don’t understand. I’m not sure it is even worth my time even to get to know you any better. 95 more words

Jesus Christ