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The nine Satanic sins

The Nine Satanic Sins, published by Anton LaVey in 1987, target nine characteristics Satanists should avoid. Here they are with explanations from Catherine Beyer (lifted from… 423 more words


Satanic views of LOVE, HATE, and SEX

As I mentioned in my previous post, although I consider myself a Theistic Satanist, there are still things in Anton Lavey’s Satanic Bible that I wholeheartedly agree to and believe. 1,170 more words


The eleven Satanic rules of the earth

Although I am a Theistic Satanist, i.e., I believe in Father SATAN as a real being and as a deity to be worshiped and not just a plain force or ideology, there are things in Anton Lavey’s Satanic Bible that still merit my attention and that I still choose to believe (oh well, as they say, the particulars of your journey to the Left Hand Path are your own personal choice). 311 more words