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How does satan reach people? By what methods does he try to make them stray from their course?

Allah mentions in the Qur’an that satan whispers evil suggestions in people’s hearts. Believers are advised to seek refuge in Allah ”from the evil of the surreptitious whisperer who whispers in people’s breasts.” (Surat an-Nas, 4-5) 165 more words

Islamic Questions

Join us June 6th as we burn "the satanic bible"

Join us June 6TH FOR our two year anniversary.
we will be burning the Satanic bible for its Blasphemy against Satanism, “Atheists are not Satanists,Satan,hates false preachers” 56 more words

Church Of Leviathan

Church of Satan membership, a review.

I thought it fun to review what an individual gets from paying $200 to be a member of the Church of Satan.  Answer, f*ck all. 697 more words


A teenage experience of Satanism

The following is a great article that captures a teenagers personal experience of Satanism, and the pitfalls of teenage ignorance in the absence of quality Satanic information: 6 more words