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FROM THE HORSE's mouth: survivor of ritual satanic abuse and informant of paedo network

The original of this blog post is in Spanish and refers to a list of victims and accused from a book in English. We are talking about… 701 more words

UK Establishment

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Satanic Ritual Abuse - one of the last real taboos connected to paedophilia. This appears to be from 2006 and includes a list of participants. If accurate then it is damning stuff. Many of the names are familiar ones to child abuse campaigners


Today I’d like to talk about the changes that Paedophiles want to make with the law.

As we know the PIE (Peadophile Information Exchange) organisation has been trying to lower the age for consent for adults to have sex with children to 4 years old. 453 more words

Escaping Ritual Abuse In Australia

Pine Lodge, Inverloch, Victoria, Australia

“Pine Lodge Private Hotel , was opened in 1930 with luxury accommodation, boasting running water, electricity, entertainment, and sporting activities, including a nine hole golf course, two tennis courts, and horse riding. 2,798 more words

Escaping Ritual Abuse In Australia


Leonard Roy Farthing now in his 80’s from Salvation Army Family was a full time active scout for both the Salvation Army and the satanic occult travelling all of Australia for the purpose of finding children to be used for both sexual abuses, tortures and killing. 635 more words

Escaping Ritual Abuse In Australia

Punishment for Wayward Girls in Satanic Families

40 years ago I was told an awful secret by my now deceased (murdered) older sister.

The only condition of this secret was that when the time was right I was asked to tell. 1,758 more words

Escaping Ritual Abuse In Australia

Another Day Of Escaping Ritual Abuse In Australia

Early colonial administrations were anxious to address the gender imbalance in the population brought about by the importation of large numbers of convict men. Between 1788 and 1792, around 3546 male to 766 female convicts were landed at Sydney. 778 more words

Escaping Ritual Abuse In Australia


Hi this is my first blog post and has taken me awhile to set up. I will try to blog as often as I can, this depends on my health, if I’m being persecuted, how I’ve slept, what else I have going on etc.

Escaping Ritual Abuse In Australia