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Persecution Of Another Escapee From CSA SRA

The last post of an email addressed to the NSW Premier and Minister for Fair Trading and others mentioned how both myself and my full time carer are helping another escapee from Child Sex Abuse and Satanic Ritual Abuse, along with his full time carer and her teenage son. 1,255 more words

Escaping Ritual Abuse In Australia

Escape From Hell - Ex Satanist John Ramirez Testimony

John Ramirez was ranked the third highest devil worshiper in New York. He received his orders directly from Satan himself. But what was strong enough to rescue John? 14 more words


Whistleblower Wednesday: Kevin Annet

I actually just had this pop up in my reader this morning, and I had never heard of Kevin Annet until today. He speaks about the vast and horrific levels of corruption in the Catholic Church, the Jesuits, and broader government positions around the globe, involving everything from child trafficking, secret rituals in the Vatican, human hunting parties, and much more… 68 more words


Devil Worshipers and The Church of Satan

What is the first thing that springs to mind when you think of the word Satanist? Do your thoughts become flooded with images of devil worshipping cults gathering in the middle of pentagrams drawn on the floor of some godforsaken lair? 1,761 more words



Have you ever been sucker punched? I have. Not a great feeling. I feel like I was sucker punched hard today more than once. This is CC. 875 more words