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Republik of Kanata and the New Godless Colonialism

I wonder what new Treaties Kevin Annett will strike with the First Nations people (formerly of Canada) now that this country has been disestablished and dissolved?   1,558 more words

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Kevin Annett ITCCS update Interviewed by Alexander Backman



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For all those emailing us with respect to having problems downloading the MP3 file from the Kevin Annett interview from July 17, 2014, we inform you that we are currently being censored and blocked not allowing some people to listen to the streams of our files or their downloads beinf interrupted. 89 more words

New World Order

Ring Cycle

This post is intended to be incorporated as an additional chapter (Chapter 23) in my book An Exercise in Absolute Futility, but it can stand here on its own.   5,377 more words

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Kevin Annett to Appear on Alex Jones in One Hour Interview

Kevin Annett, who recently bemoaned the fact that RT (Russia Today) denied the opportunity of a one-hour interview with his highness, is set to appear on the Alex Jones Show sometime in the next week or so.   1,346 more words

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Kevin Annett ITCCS 6-29-14... "Special “take down” units move into action on verge of Pope’s resignation"

There’s not been much reporting from this blog on Kevin Annett’s group, the ITCCS.org. However, this article pints to the imminent resignation of Jorge Bergoglio, an item which is news to me. 427 more words


Heather Martin reblogged this on Kevin Annett Must Be Stopped and commented:

Pope number two resigning? Just how does Kevin get all this inside info anyways...? Tactical units? Just not buying it... Maybe it's a set up? Gets you arrested and not Kevin.. Seems like a genius psy-op to me!