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Ritual child abuse Netherlands

This appears to be a horrific case of child abuse and ritualistic child abuse in the Netherlands, protected by the Dutch police. Measures to tackle child abuse must be international in nature, because the abuse is internationally arranged by paedophiles in power internationally. 2,718 more words

Child Sexual Abuse

A Different Sort of Addiction



My arms are becoming road maps again.  Little red lines that decorate the tops and my right forearm.  370 more words

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Since my mood episode has passed, we’re back working on grief issues.  Specifically, we’re working with my sister’s death.  I asked the therapist if she found this repetitive, as we do keep returning time and again to this one loss, but she said we deal with another aspect of it every time we discuss it.  406 more words

Mental Health

Halloween - Insights from Laura's Ex Spiritualist View.

I’d like to re-share this post of my thoughts & insights on Halloween from an EX Spiritualist viewpoint. Also to mention a coming TV program & some other articles below. 1,600 more words


“True Detective” Was Inspired by This Extremely Disturbing Case [VIDEO] - town of Ponchatoula, Louisiana involved Satanic rituals, child abuse, and animal sacrifices

“True Detective” Was Inspired by This Extremely Disturbing Case  
October 2, 2014 By Ben Lester

While Robert W. Chambers’s novel The King in Yellow directly inspired Nic Pizzolatto’s first critically acclaimed season of True Detective, it was not the only source material used for the show. 205 more words

Child Abuse

as I sit
and think
memories threaten to erupt
engulfing me
fear grips me
as I try to distract
I was little
9 maybe 10 at most… 82 more words

Dissociative Identity Disorder