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Pope Francis Found Guilty Of Child Trafficking, Rape, Murder

Yesterday defendants Pope Francis Bergoglio, Catholic Jesuit Superior Genesatanral Adolfo Pachon and Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby were found guilty of rape, torture, murder and trafficking of children. 1,076 more words

Luciferian Organised Evil

Shocking Depth Of Illuminati Depravity Among The Elites (Video)

(N.Morgan) In a informative and shocking article by Henry Makow, he exposes the absolute depth of depravity among the elite or Illuminati. The satanistic sex rituals, the human sacrifices, the horror of their evil deeds exposed for all to see. 435 more words


“There is a darkness on this earth that is spreading like a wildfire.”

The LORD’s Words for Today (Posted at www.End-Times-Prophecy.Com)

 “Weaning Christians Off Halloween”

 Dear Followers of CHRIST:

 This Special Edition Letter: “Weaning Christians Off Halloween” features Words from the LORD GOD about Halloween (see two letters below) and introducing the new Facebook page and campaign “Weaning Christians Off Halloween.”  One definition of the word “wean” is: 816 more words

Illuminati Human Sacrifice Denver Friday June 20~21 8pm

Amber Alert:  Warning kidnapping of new born infant between June 17-20, 2013

George HW Bush Satanic Rituals and Human Sacrifices Denver Party starts Friday June 20, 2014 8 Pm Mountain time… 228 more words

Luciferian Organised Evil