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Soul of a Devil

You can have “power, wealth, an attractive mate” and virtually anything else you ever dreamed of by selling your soul to Satan!em>

But how you asked? 534 more words


Tracing Steps : Path

We headed to Colorado to investigate the crime scene in the woods of Manitou Springs. We actually used the footage to trace the victims footsteps. 646 more words


The Al Sharpton – Ritual Sacrifice Code

(N.Morgan) I’m not sure what to make of this video presentation, but I can say it does present a very interesting and frightening  aspect of Satanism and the ritualistic sacrifices. 376 more words

Conspiracy Theories

I Escaped The Illuminati

(N.Morgan) Doc Marqui, a former Illuminati witch, discusses his brave escape from the diabolical grips of the Illuminati and satanism. Who is Doc Marqui? 239 more words


Eye witnesses to Pope Francis killing and eating babies in Satanic rituals

As unbelievable as this seems the Satanic ritual of sacrificial murdering of babies and young children is now well documented and a reality. Those who believe they are the elite of our world are the main perpetrators, promoters and traffickers. 68 more words