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But For Good People to Do Real Evil, You Need Religion.

The popular saying is attributed to a physicist named Steven Weinberg and goes thusly:

With or without religion, good people can behave well and bad people can do evil; but for good people to do evil–that takes religion.

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The Satanic Verses, Salman Rushdie - Some Favourites

“unbendingness can also be monomania … it can be tyranny, and also it can be brittle, whereas what is flexible can also be humane, and strong enough to last.”

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The Auntie Doris Years: 1989

The Russians were no longer our enemies. Thanks to president Gorbachev, the had all come to their ruddy senses, and decided to dress in ruddy designer jeans and eat McDonalds hamburgers like the rest of the developed world. 606 more words