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Tonight, I Am Offended

I won’t keep you long tonight. I’ve just got something on my brain. It probably won’t make a ton of sense, but here goes.

I wrote my master’s thesis on the work of Salman Rushdie. 627 more words


The “satanic verses” lured on to Mohamed by Satan must be inserted again in the Quran

The so called “satanic verses” removed from the new versions of the Quran must be inserted again! The idea that Mohamed or Jesus were perfect men and that their connection with God was flawless must not be in any teachings! 106 more words

How do I separate corrupted satanic verses from the true verses of God?

I am Maitreya answering the question with the help of God.

A true verse from God often contain:
Oneness – Caring for all and the whole, not creating conflict. 254 more words

A Cat Amongst the Pigeons

“I shall not cease from mental strife
nor shall my pen sleep in my hand
till Rushdie has a right to life
and books aren’t burned or banned”

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