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Sidney Bechet: klarneto Satchmo

Jo tėvas vertėsi siuvėjo amato, o vyresnysis brolis buvo praktikuojantis dantų technikas. Visa šeima, įskaitant dar tris brolius, grojo džiazą. Kadangi šeima gyvenam Naujojo Orleano prancūzų kvartale, laikėsi tiems žmonėms įprastesnio tradicinio orleaniško, kreoliško skambesio. 1,250 more words

Sunday, The Day The Tropics Rested (Or How I Learned of Satchmo)

When I wake up every morning here in the lively city of Paramaribo, it is from one of three things: the blinding sun, the Reggaeton bumping off the interior of someone’s back seat speaker wall, or the hell hounds. 1,223 more words


November 18, 2014


(Number 686)




Dr John talks about New Orleans music after Katrina

Dr John has been playing New Orleans jazz, blues, voodoo rock, what have you, since the late 1950s. But now turning 74, he reckons it is touch-and-go whether that special Big Easy culture and sound he so loves will continue. 442 more words


Beauty in the World [Music]

A voice like hot chocolate on a rainy day,

Louis Armstrong, ‘Blueberry Hill’

Through music, I’m trying to gather the courage to start a new week. 15 more words