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IT - a blessing or a curse

I find it odd that in our modern world that my mates’ daughter is able to Skype her parents most nights, whilst I can’t see the latest Facebook posting from my mate. 402 more words


December 19 - Partly cloudy

Today’s factismal: Storm clouds can be up to fourteen miles tall on Earth.

One of the prettiest and most dangerous types of cloud on Earth is the cumulonimbus (“piled up rain cloud”). 605 more words


Landing on a comet

I must say, I was very intrigued with the whole landing-on-a-comet mission from the European Space Agency (ESA – Europe’s NASA). It spurred memories of the asteroid busting movie “Armageddon”. 367 more words


India successfully tested its heaviest space launch vehicle yet, eyes global market

India’s GSLV Mark-III December 18, 2014

ISRO successfully carries out human crew module experiment; module safely splashes down into Bay of Bengal off Andaman and Nicobar Islands. 339 more words



By Josie Javens: Columnist


The recent work of researchers Xi Li and Deren Li presents the public with a new image of the war in Syria. 370 more words


Three-satellite constellation launched from Jiuquan

A constellation of three reconnaissance satellites, collectively known as Yaogan Weixing 25, has been successfully launched atop a single Chang Zheng-4C launcher from the Jiuquan Satellite Launch Site at 15:33 Beijing Time (07:33 GMT) on 11 December 2014. 217 more words


Brian Holmes, "Drifting through the Grid: Psychogeography and Imperial Infrastructure"

Brian Holmes’s “Drifting Through the Grid” is a manifesto for disobedience and spontaneity in an age of digital predictability. Updating the Situationist concept of “ 389 more words