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The Outernet Lantern - receiving Internet transmissions in remote areas

Springwise features a solar powered device – the Outernet Lantern – that can receive internet transmissions in remote, off-grid locations or in times of emergency. The information received by the Lantern tends to be news or educational, but Outernet can broadcast content requested by users, including video.

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Could basic Relativity could be the cause of Spaceship Two's crash?


Editor’s Note: With the recent accidents involved in the infant stage of space based exploration by both Orbital Sciences out of Chandler, Arizona, and Virgin Galactic’s Spaceship Two crash in the Mojave Desert, are engineers and scientists on these projects in need of some fundamental education in Einstein’s basic relativity? 1,884 more words


This Video Was Just Too Cool

When I was a child, one of the things I wanted to be most was an astronaut. Well, that didn’t work out, but now we have telescopes in space sending back pictures of what I wanted to see for myself. 16 more words


Is this mystery satellite Putin's secret space weapon?

An oddball Russian satellite that launched to orbit last May is now raising suspicions. The so-called Object 2014-28E was put into orbit at the same time with several communications satellites, but Russia has not elaborated on its purpose. 306 more words


How the Geologic Map of Asteroid Vesta Reveals its Turbulent Past

This past week, a scientific research team led by David Williams of Arizona State University published a new geologic map of Vesta, one of the largest asteroids in our solar system.   402 more words


Matt Gurney: Look, Putin, you can have Ukraine. But don't mess with my HD TV

What would it take to really make the West sit up and take notice of Russia’s bellicosity? The regime of Vladimir Putin has already cracked down on political rivals and minorities in his own country, and we mused about maybe boycotting Russian vodka. 744 more words

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Comet Update! Rosetta's Philae landed, but not as planned

Now here’s what you’ve been waiting for! You really need more comet, like Christopher Walken/Bruce Dickinson needs more cowbell, so here you go…

In a… 1,171 more words

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