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NASA Wants To Build Robotic Gas Stations In Space

KENNEDY SPACE CENTER (CBS Tampa) – A gas station in space, staffed by robots. No. It’s not the latest sci-fi movie. It’s the latest brain child from NASA engineers, reports  253 more words


People Taking Pictures of People

“Pictures Of People Taking Pictures”

Pictures of people taking
Pictures of people taking
Pictures of people taking pictures

I pictured us at the end of time… 142 more words


Extreme Space Weather Event #23072012

You may have seen some dramatic headlines in the news last week: “‘Extreme solar storm’ could have pulled the plug on Earth” (Guardian); “Solar ‘superstorm’ just missed Earth in 2012″ ( 702 more words

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Spire, formerly Nanosatisfi, raises $25M Series A round to expand its satellite fleet

Nanosatisfi, now Spire, will soon grow its fleet of tiny satellites from four to more than 50 after receiving $25 million in Series A funding. 276 more words


US "Neighbourhood watch" rocket blasts off

A D4 (Delta 4 heavy) rocket vaults from its lauch pad in Cape Canavaral Air Force station in Florida with a pair of US military satellites which is meant to keep track of other nations spacecraft. 44 more words


Eyes in the Sky: Agriculture and the Rise of Satellite Technology

By Sophie Harrington

When you think of farming, satellites probably aren’t the first thing that comes to mind. Yet in the coming years, farming may be more and more tied to the information gathered by satellites orbiting the globe. 511 more words


July 23 - Bird's Eye View

Today’s factismal: The first Landsat was launched 42 years ago; we are now up to Landsat 8.

Look! Up in the sky! It’s a bird… 329 more words

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