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Listen to What I Say!

The tower stretched upward in front of me.

Communication is a serious thing.

Cell phones.



We feel that we MUST be connected to certain people. 70 more words

Photos With Christian Thoughts By Myra Johnson

Delay ... Am I Bad to Want One?

After 18+ years I am used to this, really I am. The Chief is supposed to make the change out on the 23rd. However, they will be in transit to a warm, out of country port. 494 more words

Maritime Miscellaneous

Interactive dark matter could explain Milky Way's missing satellite galaxies

Scientists believe they have found a way to explain why there are not as many galaxies orbiting the Milky Way as expected. Computer simulations of the formation of our galaxy suggest that there should be many more small galaxies around the Milky Way than are observed through telescopes. 634 more words


2011 09 11 - ISS Lunar Transit

I drove to Leander, TX, this morning to catch the ISS lunar transit. This is the field sketch, mirrored and rotated to match standard orientation. … 394 more words

Lunar Observations

out to launch

The International Space Station is shooting stuff into space. It shouldn’t be. Nobody told it to.

The ISS has a bunch of little satellites called “CubeSats” on it. 274 more words

Washington Boobs Mistook Combine Harvesters for "Russian Invasion"


OpEdNews journalist Dave Lindorf questioned satellite imagery of “military equipment” that the USA called proof that Russian troops were in the Ukraine. He believes that they look like combine harvesters, rather than guns left in the middle of an open field. 219 more words


RTL-2832 and Raspberry Pi for ARPT and FUNcube

Last year I was playing with a cheap USB dongle for weather satellite reception. Eventually though I gave up on it, as although I could receive reasonable pictures with it, the device kept causing my machine to freeze. 242 more words