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Google Acquires Drone Maker Titan

Google Inc has acquired solar-powered drone maker Titan Aerospace as the Web search giant ramps up plans to deliver wireless Internet access to remote parts of the world. 25 more words


Desertification and Coral Reef Mapping Projects in Morocco and Kuwait (Google

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The Use of Pleiades and TerraSARX Imagery in Desertification and Coral Reef Mapping Projects in Morocco and Kuwait… 154 more words


Q&A: KickSat's Zac Manchester and Andy Filo

Back in 2011, Zac Manchester launched a Kickstarter for hundreds of small satellites, to be programmed by backers. The Sprites, as these little “chipsats” are called, would be packed into a CubeSat, via a mechanism built by Andy Filo, and launched aboard SpaceX’s CRS-3 rocket. 1,816 more words


Your Own Satellite: 7 Things to Know Before You Go

All I ask is a successful launch, a clean radio signal, and a life just long enough to achieve that goal.

If high-altitude balloons just aren’t high-altitude enough, if you feel frustrated by the pace of space development, or if you just really, really like rockets and hardware, I think launching your own satellite is an excellent decision. 2,756 more words


"On My Way to Work" by Richard F. Yates

As I was traveling towards work yesterday, a streak of freaky light blasted across the sky, and then, a few miles up Interstate 5, there was a loud and dazzling crash to earth of some sorta somethin’… Of course, at that point, traffic on the freeway came to a crawl, the kind of crawl that might happen if the creature crawling had eleven of its twelve legs chopped off, but it was trying to drag itself across a desert anyway. 209 more words


Flight of the Space-Grazing Ping Pong Balls

On September 27, 2014, JP Aerospace will send 2000 ping pong balls filled with experiments to the edge of space.

They are called PongSats. Students from all over the world send us their PongSats and we float them nearly 100,000 feet above the Earth on weather balloons. 248 more words


Spies Like Us

directed by John Landis

I barely remember this film, so I had to rewatch this when I got the chance recently.  It’s a 1985, comedic “Cold War Spy Film” which stars Chevy Chase and Dan Aykroyd as the primary characters, as well as various well known directors (such as Frank Oz, Martin Brest, Terry Gilliam, and Sam Raimi) in acting roles and cameos by B.B. 658 more words