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Pretty parrot 2

This was how I left my work bench last night having stitched the two wired leaves and the wired wing. I wasn’t happy with the shading on the wing so I’ll be stitching another one today and I’ve added a extra shade or two which I may or may not use.


Major bones of the reptile cranium, dorsal view, in satin stitch

Bad memory for bones. And reptiles got too many. And satin stitch takes a bit of practice. And silk is a pain to work, very shreddy. 174 more words

Perfecting Your Satin Stitch

Beautiful applique deserves beautiful satin stitching.  Enhance your skills on curves, corners, points as well as on the straight away in this class.

Class Length: 3 hours


I Got Another Machine - It's My First Kenmore

I picked this up at Goodwill for 15 dollars! It was way work it! The zig zag stitch is just luscious! IT just sews so smoothly! 92 more words

I Think I've Become Addicted To Fabric Bowls

Now That I’ve gotten 5 down, maybe I can take a break from them and get back to quilting, but you never know. I might just pop out a few more of them later today. 65 more words

Working On Another Fabric Bowl

I know I have that crazy quilt to finish, but I am just too tired. So instead of quilting that, I spent 2 hours making this, and I am halfway done with an inverted one. 35 more words

Finished My Fabric Bowl!

I finished my fabric bowl! Now that I feel all refreshed to sew, I’m not sure if I want to knock out one more bowl or do some quilting on my crazy quilt. 37 more words