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Panel sets Montana guidelines for snow pics


After pinpointing Montana as the source of a glut of unnecessary snow photos that choked social media feeds and slowed download speeds, social media services approached State leaders in November to request that emergency measures be taken. 538 more words


Liberal Apples and Conservative Oranges

I just love it when people apply labels to me. Heck, better than that, I really love it when people put labels on themselves. You see, that’s the problem with labels. 753 more words


Weekend Music: Short People

I’d planned to get back to some country music today, but given the week I’ve had, this seems more appropriate. It is one of my all-time favorite pieces of satire, and I am feeling satirical today.


Floccinaucinihilipilification Or Not

On a day last week when the sky took on a strange hue of Cerulean Frost mixed with patches of Brandeis Blue that hung, ever so delicately, over hills of Bulgarian Rose and Caput Mortuum, I happened to be having a chat with my octogenarian friend…a retired oceanographer. 339 more words


PWLA (People Who Like Animals) Donate Now!

Ben P.

PWLA (People who like animals) has decided to spend money to protect animals in new ways this past year. 211 more words

Very Serious News

An Early Epiphany

Dear Reader,

It pains me to tell you that the view from the late Dr Fflloyd’s former chaise longue (facing the French doors) has been marred by the sight of a number of persons in white boiler suits inching their way towards the koi carp pond, their behinds inelegantly in the air. 295 more words


The Hottest New Disease on the Market

Ben P.

On November 23rd, a new disease was discovered in the tropical land of Finland. The disease is called Alobe, and it is known to cause fever, running nose, stomach pain, and rash. 238 more words

Very Serious News