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The Hormonal Witch

Day 1 – Thursday, October 29, 2009 4:13 p.m. – 2 days before Halloween

Nestled at the quaint estuary fed by the Piscataqua River is the charming town of Portsmouth. 2,727 more words


Maine's Enchanted Halloween Candy Is Actually Good For You!

The big announcement on Day 22 of the Maine Halloween Season Festival was that the Halloween candy revelers have been eating all month is actually good for them! 476 more words


Meet the cast of the #ImperialAve Webisode! #satire #parody #socialmedia

Nancy Abt, (@fancienanc) on twitter is one of the worst liars ever.

After trolling Mr. Krohn’s children, she has erupted when the simple truth of her actions was reported. 613 more words

Social Media

Local Artist Almost Sells Painting

Late last night at a popular downtown coffee shop, well known for its free-trade brews and tattooed baristas, local artist Jad Duncan almost had the sale of a lifetime. 197 more words


"Quarry" by Sterling Arthur Leva

I invented time travel for one purpose and one purpose only: to murder Jackson Pollock.

When that glorified finger-painter hit the scene, he opened the door for every talentless dribbler to proclaim, “I’m an artist, man!” The effects of his work would be long-term and nefarious, indeed: technical skill, diligence, and honing one’s craft would become largely irrelevant as malformed clusterfucks of color gained prominence. 487 more words


How Did I Get Here

I have been spending time lately thinking about how I got to the life I lead today. The only thing I can say for certain is that the 18 year old me would not believe me today. 242 more words

US Readies Ground Troops For Fight With ISIS, WH Clarifies Previous Remarks

WASHINGTON D.C. – 17 year-old White House spokesman Josh Earnest faced blistering questions today about rumors the US was coordinating with Iraq to send in ground troops to push back terror group ISIS. 326 more words