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Flush Toilets Invented By Aliens

In stunning news today, Betty Fibber, co-founder of the Conspiracy Party of America, announced that the flush toilet, as many had suspected, was indeed invented by aliens from another world. 280 more words


More, Utopia Sensibility Essay (L10)

Why does More present the traveler as a sensible reformer early in Book I, but not later?

In More’s Utopia, a curious traveler is presented to us in the form of a satirical character “who has seen what does not work.” He claims to have come from a land of no free market; a land where he has been made to see money as an enormous threat to social order. 133 more words

English III

Terminal Carpet

In the hustlers and buskers of airport traffickers, a silence pervades, invades, redacts, surreal without surround sound, vying for veracity, overflow capacity, Colt 45 in bottles and chambers, werewolves, vampires, ghouls and buoys, feathering wind streams, tricycles, bicycles, training wheels on airplanes on XYZ planes, three letter acronyms, airlines, ziplines, zip codes, cryptological, codex, Zanax, Xerox, xenography, woven patterns in factories designed by CAD, CNC robots, trigonometric metrics, metrical metres, liters, theatres, polyvinyl fabric packing echoes of passengers bound and bound for bounding boundaries.

Clegg! Look, it's Clegg!

As if by magic, and not a moment too soon, Nick Clegg suddenly appeared today. The Deputy Prime Minister, apparently leader of a political party called the Liberal Democrats and also largely absent after Dave took him for a neutering operation soon after the last General Election, came out with fur flying over the ‘limelight hogging’ Conservatives having a Party without him and his friends. 182 more words


Loving a German beast...

So, the mister came home last evening looking forlorn and dejected.

Dr J presumed the lugubriousness had some thing to do with the German Beast. 269 more words

Shopping Saturday!

The Slaughter of the Apartment-Sized Pumpkin

Sister Madly, with an axe
Gave the pumpkin several hacks
And when she had her fill of fun
She took a nap

Ah, Autumn, the season of jumping into a pile of newly raked leaves and engaging in the ever-so seductive I-Just-Walked-Through-A-Spider‘s-Web Dance; the season of heavy rains that is the start of the monthly Is-That-Moss-Growing-On-My-Car? 683 more words