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I think we should stop writing about things we don’t understand. We confuse our writing with fact. Because we were always taught that what is written is true. 27 more words

The Day I Became a Slut

The day of my second semester Chemistry final was the day my life turned around forever. I left the testing room as a confident, diligent, and put-together young lady of the hard sciences. 221 more words


S List

The S List

I made a list of all my sins.
As they passed by, they shook my hand
And greeted me with friendly grins. 45 more words

Being Asian


This Onion post pretty much described the entire Asian social life in one paragraph. As true as can be, this is me. I go to a private Catholic school in upper Delaware. 264 more words


The Vampire Ice Bucket Challenge (A True Story)

Her name was Elizabeth Bathory, and she has been called the most evil woman in history. Believe it or not, she took beauty baths in her victim’s blood. 313 more words


Canada Considers Allowing Television Viewers To Buy Some TV Channels Individually, Instead Of In Bundles

Yahoo News Digest reports regulators in Canada are considering requiring cable TV providers to provide a basic channel service for $20 to $30 per month, and also may require them to sell additional channels individually instead of just in bundles. 153 more words


President Obama Vows Revenge For ISIS Beheading, Says He Will Not Pardon Thanksgiving Turkey This Year

Washington, D.C. – As the world reels from the shock of seeing James Foley’s execution at the hands of barbaric ISIS militants, President Obama came out swinging today, promising strong retaliation and sending a message to the Middle Eastern savages. 265 more words

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