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Apple should deliver 'Sphonatch' as greatest-selling, most amazing thing ever

I think Apple missed the boat with the Apple Watch, iWatch or whatever it’s called. Hey, Apple fans, seriously, I know it’s called Apple Watch, but I find it ironic that a company who debuted the demise of the watch with the release of the… 1,014 more words


Lawmakers against lifestyle check

Lawmakers yesterday refused to support the proposed lifestyle check in the Legislative, saying the economy is doing good anyway so what’s the point?

AKO party-list representative, Rep. 122 more words


A Day in the Life of an Extremely Minor Playwright

Imaginary friends who I make up for purposes of poorly-sourced articles often ask me “What’s it like to be a published playwright whose works have been performed off-off-off-off-off-off-off (continued in footnote) Broadway?” 789 more words


Public Evenly Divided On Washington Football Team Name

Public opinion regarding the controversial name of the Washington NFL team is evenly split between those who object to the moniker and those who do not object, according to a poll jointly conducted by Salem University and the… 378 more words

The Onion

Don't Stand Behind That Person In The Fake Fat Suit At The Buffet!

Discover Magazine reports that a recent study indicates that if you are dining with an overweight person (or someone wearing a “fat suit” to make the study “scientific”), you are more likely to eat more food, and less likely to eat healthy salad. 104 more words


A 20 Somethings Guide to House Hunting: How to Read Between the Lines

When it comes to house hunting we were definitely new to all of the jargon. So, I thought I would share with all of you some of the things we learned throughout the process. 363 more words


What if...

What if we changed university-level education by redefining it?

In other words, we get Congress (or the President via executive orders) to declare that a postsecondary educational institution which spends more on amenities — luxury housing, oversized administration offices, “strange and weird” elective classes used only as courses for an easy (but worthless) college degree, outrageous book prices, architectural landscaping — anything with no direct value for the student or classroom instructional purpose, loses its advantageous taxable status with the IRS. 90 more words