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Chip Kelly's College Offense Mixing Well with Community College Defense

Doubters will suggest Eagles’ Head Coach Chip Kelly’s college offensive is better utilized at the amateur, but paid a lot under the table game, like how he implemented it during his time at Oregon. 242 more words


A Harrowing Drive Home Through The Blizzard

Even though The House on the Hill is only 5 miles from where I work, it was not an easy drive home, Modern Philosophers.

I thought I’d share some more photos while I talk about facing one of my biggest fears and Winter Storm Cato simultaneously. 652 more words


The Working Parents' Guide to Winning NaNoWriMo

It’s November 26th, do you know what your word count is? If you’re competing in NaNoWriMo you undoubtedly know what it is now, what it was yesterday and what you are aiming for tomorrow. 575 more words


What comes around goes around: why surveillance is a good idea and why we need it now more than ever.

AN: In the style of Andrew Bolt

We, all of us are familiar, if not personally acquainted with one of those who hail Assange and Manning and those of their ilk as Messiahs and prophets come to free the oppressed from the tyrannical overlords. 736 more words

Snow Miser Brings Maine An Unwanted Thanksgiving Present

Snow Miser decided to make his presence known on Thanksgiving Eve, Modern Philosophers.  Winter Storm Cato arrived at about 1:20, and I thought it would be fun to track its progress with my camera.  366 more words


Scold’s Bridal

If you come from a certain part of the world then you’ll be familiar with the phrase ‘there’s nowt so queer as folk’. Even if you don’t come from a certain part of the world you probably understand it anyway and if you don’t I’ll say instead that, nothing quite matches the peculiarity of people or folks be weird, and you can pick the one you like the best. 620 more words