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How To Make A Happy Poem

Disregard the aerial drone circling your house at 2am. Remain calm. Pay your taxes. Be a good subject. Don’t dissent. Don’t start a revolt. Don’t read rejection slips or the breakup letter on the kitchen counter: change the locks. 84 more words


I have been cheating on my blog

My dearest authorsheart, I have a confession to make.  I have been cheating on you with a gorgeous journal book that I have become increasingly intimate with.   595 more words


It's Roasting In Here!

Sorry for the late post tonight, Modern Philosophers, but I was busy helping The Grinch carve the roast beast…

Truth be told, I was attending my first ever celebrity roast.  562 more words


Monkey Instructional Videos.

Discovery reports that a recent study indicates showing monkeys instructional videos that demonstrate how to open artificial fruit taught monkeys how to open artificial fruit. 102 more words


Joining the Cause

Joining the Cause

“It’s the cause of the liar we back!”
they proclaim. “We are on the attack
against all that is true!
We respond to his cue– 14 more words

Cee Lo Green pleads with fans to stop shoving things up his arse

Rapper Cee Lo Green has made a heartfelt plea to fans, non fans and the public in general to cease and desist from the recent craze of shoving inanimate objects up his arse.  238 more words