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On the Subject of Pretension

“These, these are the most pretentious of them all. Look at them, pretending to be experts about subjects the general public is so ignorant about that a miniscule amount of information – mark my words, comrade, information I say, not knowledge, certainly not inspiration, nor insight, nary a smidgen of the word competence I utter – a miniscule amount of information and they turn into bestsellers. 1,238 more words


The Unfollowing

Encouragement can go a long way. So here it goes to you who decided to un follow me. That wasn’t cool. Being stranded seems ruthless. After all I wrote for you and you have the audacity to just unclick. 211 more words


Why Every Woman Needs to Let the Crazy Out

I am a firm believer in letting the crazy out once in a while. I am not saying start throwing things, crying, and screaming “All men are pigs!” Just hint to your significant other that if anyone ever cheated on you, you might, just… 375 more words


Pharmacy customers 'effing and blinding' about the price of medication in Ireland hits an all time high

Today, The Real Chronicler can reveal that our work on the ground shows people are now complaining about medication costs in Irish pharmacies far more than normal. 805 more words



Okay, I’ve been completely bored as far as food the past week, I just couldn’t find anything exciting, and the boredom culminated in my visit to the most boring place on the planet. 600 more words


Change Is Good

Change Is Good

Out from your store of wisdom, you produce

a lovely sermon on how change is good.

But with the facts you’re playing fast and loose… 92 more words

Researchers Discover a New Class of Privilege and it's the Most Terrifying Yet

Los Angeles-  We are aware of White privilege and Male privilege, however a new classification blows those respective classes out of the water. There has been talk of a new privileged group among a demographic that has faced oppression for centuries. 257 more words

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