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Some Cry Foul as Skinny Guys Dominate Marathon

BOSTON. The Boston Marathon, the world’s oldest annual marathon, attracts runners from around the world every Patriot’s Day, a holiday on the third Monday in April that serves as an excuse for local bureaucrats to take the day off. 383 more words


नयी पार्टी

 © Amar Sneh

धर्म-धुरन्दर-ज्योतिषाचार्य घमंडानन्द जी महाराज ने रूढि़ विश्व एवं ढकोसला मंच नामक राजनितिक पार्टी का गठन करके जन सभा में भाषण देने के बाद प्रेस एवं जिज्ञासुओं को संबोधित किया। प्रेस दीर्घा से समाचार पत्र, पत्रिकाओं के प्रतिनिधियों ने उनसे पूछा, ‘‘ घमन्डानन्द महाराज जी अभी आपने अपनी पार्टी के माध्यम से देश में राम राज्य की स्थापना के लिए अपने मेनीफेस्टो से ज्यादा राम कथा सुना कर काफी शोर-गुल मचाया – कृपया प्रकाश डालें कि राम राज्य में तो कोई राजा ही होगा – लेकिन हमारे देश में तो प्रजातांत्रिक व्यवस्था है। एैसी व्यवस्था में राजा की कल्पना क्या असंगत नहीं लगती ?’’


MKR Grand Final - Will We or Won't We?

You know, because Channel 7 have been sweet enough to give us all a long, looooooong break between shows, Rico and I have found ourselves wondering if we can really be farked blogging on the finale or whether the night is better spent watching Game of Thrones, repeating everything Cersei says in a heavy Scots accent, and then pissing ourselves all over the upholstery. 155 more words

My Kitchen Rules

Police as Political Lackeys

Blissfully unaware of the Streisand Effect, A thin-skinned Illinois mayor chose to sic his city’s police force on some local citizens last week over a parody account that poked fun at him on Twitter.  716 more words


LOMM's Heavily Edited Easter Epics In Cockney: Ben Hur

Benny gives Jesus a luvlee cup o’ splosh just before them Roman bleeders nail the poor cow’s son up for the night


Judea AD26… 460 more words


Have A Laugh: Jealousy--"The prettier you are ..."

A woman I know was saying the same thing to me the other day–her family are jealous of her because of her beauty. Whatever!

Bobble Butt

Wiggly butt prize wins.  Apparently.

“I kicked butt!  My code for my senior CSC class project won. The prize is this bobble butt..”
Image courtesy of http://imgur.com/yPIFrbi.