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Where art thou? Oh my love!

Where art thou? Oh my love!

Where, where, where? I’ve searched all over, down into the deep, killing sharks and whales to see if you are trapped in their bellies… I’ve scanned through the moon, surfing thru the galaxies but you don’t seem visible… I dined with the forest elders, to see if you are held by spiritual powers, and infact I dug into the rock, but terrestrial powers have you neither, so where art thou? 564 more words


My qualities: your best choice of a boyfriend!

In the past months, I’ve gone through some serious hustles in search of a befitting girlfriend and I have been let down brutally at all ends, seeing as none of them wants me. 767 more words


The Ten Commandments (From the godfather to the Nigerian politician)

1. You have heard and know how much trouble I had putting in power, how I had to multiply your votes and silence your political opponents — thou shall have no other godfather before me. 227 more words


A West India sportsman

A satire on the decadence of Englishmen in West Indies, published shortly after the successful passage of Wilberforce’s bill to abolish slavery.

  • Printmaker: F., J., printmaker.
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