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The Paleo Diet

Celebrity endorsement is the worst thing that can happen to any diet or exercise plan. The moment any actor, musician, celebrity chef or prominent member of the illiterati starts banging on about how awesome something is, that’s the moment it becomes a sad and meaningless embarrassment to the rest of the world. 1,125 more words


How to manage your weight with healthy eating?

For a balanced diet, you need the right types and amounts of foods and drinks. This keeps your body healthy. There are some things which you should know. 217 more words

Weight Loss

What's With Fats? The Different Kinds of Fats

You’re walking down the grocery store aisles. It’s just a normal day, a normal shopping trip. You see item after item with labels like “low-fat,” “reduced fat,” “no saturated fats,” and “50% less fat!” Chances are, you’ve probably never closely questioned this for at least the majority of your life. 841 more words


Lard Mayonnaise--NOT RUNNY!

I’ve never been able to find a store-bought mayo that doesn’t contain the evil canola oil. Even the ones that claim to be made of “olive oil” still have canola in them.Years ago, I’d tried the recipe for homemade olive-oil mayo in… 179 more words

Eat Local Movement

Making Small Changes: Nutrition Tips And Tricks

Many people struggle when it comes to committing to a diet. Failures can bring you down, but the above tips will assist you in incorporating nutrition into your life. 828 more words


Experiment: Is Fast Food Really That Bad For You? [Part 5 – The Last Supper]

This post is part of our series examining fast food.

After 9-weeks of what our fast-food volunteer would call torture, the diet phase of the experiment is now over. 966 more words

Experiments From The Lab


Twenty first century man dreads fat in a rather irrational way. Contrary to what we have been led to believe by the medical establishment, nutritionists, government authorities and the media – fat is vital to our diet. 802 more words

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