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I guess some RDs are sexy

Right on the heels of my post about we dietitians not being sexy, this article comes out in the Daily Mail, and I’m forced to eat my words (good thing there are no forbidden foods!). 682 more words

Saturated Fat and Cardiovascular Disease

  • Is Saturated Fat a risk for Cardiovascular Disease (CVD)? Malhorta. View is there is no association. Decreasing saturated fat reduces type A (large) LDL cholesterol but this is not linked to CVD.
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Cardiovascular Disease

Saturated Fat: Foods I Eat That Make Other Dietitians And Nutritionists Cringe

Key Concepts

  • Saturated fat may not be as bad as once thought.
  • Saturated fat intake is highly correlated to testosterone levels in men.
  • Foods higher in saturated fat are not only delicious, they are more satisfying.
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Not just any fat - saturated fat is key

During the last year in the UK I have noticed an increase in positive reviews over low carb diets. It certainly feels that the low carb awakening has started and that awareness about low carb diets is increasing. 224 more words


Reading Labels

There are some that can not read labels correctly.  I am going to try to teach you here

  First thing is to look at the serving size.  296 more words